Keep Them Warm project

Keep Them Warm project

Viva Palestina Malaysia has finished implementing the third phase of…

VPM Micro Credit Project

VPM Micro Credit Project

VPM Micro Credit Project Project area: Big Abssan East of…

Scholarship project

Scholarship project

Project No. (43-B/2015)Providing partial scholarships to university students at Gaza…

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center

Field visit to follow up the progress of work in…

Provide Medicines and Medical Equipment for charitable hospitals

Provide Medicines and Medical Equipment for charitable hospitals

Project VPM 3/2016 Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) and Arab Medical…

Ramadan Food Basket

Ramadan Food Basket

3 July 2015 Alhamdulillah, Great Thank to Viva Palestina Donors,…

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Update Report on Projects implemented in March/April 2015

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Report dated 4 May 2015

Project No. (14/2015): The scholarship project - we have implemented the program in 5 universities and next week we will complete the program for the remaining universities ( Al Azhar, Al Aqsa, and Al Quds open university). This project is very important for Palestinian university students because there is a huge number of students who can't pay for university fees due to the bad economic situation for many families. The new semester will start in September, and we hope to start a fund raising campaign in July /August to fund the new intake of students in September. We hope to make this project an annual program with the proposed campaign name "Donate to Educate" to raise funds for scholarship program or any other related educational programs.

Project No. (1/2015) Micro Financing project - We have completed the assessment and disbursed micro loans to 18 beneficiaries from the 2014 fund. We are now selecting new target groups of beneficiaries to disburse further micro loans under project No (1/2015) amounting to USD 30,000.

Project No. (18/2015) Lighting up A Home in Gaza - Construction and Relief Society invited electrical companies by tender announcements to supply the lights and 5 companies participated in the tender. They selected the best tender and insha Allah we will provide 250 LED systems for 250 families.

  1. - West of Gaza City – Gaza Governorate.
  2. - East of Gaza City– Gaza Governorate.
  3. - South of Gaza City – Gaza Governorate.
  4. - Rafah governorate.
  5. This makes up the first and second phase and we hope to gather more fund to cover the remaining governorates (Al Wustah, Khanunnes, North of Gaza).

Project No. (3/2015) Renting and furnishing DQWS kindergartens - DQWS completed providing electrical and electronic equipment and also toys and swings to the kindergartens. In the next two weeks, DQWS will provide the furniture (tables, chairs for kids with desks, book shelves and teachers chairs).

Project (02/2015) Provision of health care for needy and poor families - this is implemented by the Orphans House Society. The project is in the process of being implemented and so far 350 patients received help under this project by way of:

  1. - Supply of medicine for free.
  2. - 50 % to 100 % contribution towards the cost of operating surgeries.
  3. - Cash for patients who need money to travel to get their medicine.
  4. - Free medical preview for orphans and their families.

Project No. (12/2015) Freelancing day - Media youth Center and Rowad have completed this project and we are awaiting their report. So far, we see that this project is very useful for people looking for work using their skill with the internet, and it gives some hope for post graduate students as we have some programmers earning about USD 1000 per day from this freelance work using their skill on the internet.

Project No. (09/2015) Rehabilitation of poor families' houses - This project focuses on improving the lives of poor families especially those who live in homes with no roof, no bathroom , no kitchen. USD 2,000 can make a big difference to their homes and lives. The beneficiaries of this project are the very poor and not those who lost their homes due to the wars. A short video will be made available soon insha Allah to share with our donors as we hope to raise more funds for this project because these poor families are in dire need of help. When our representative in Gaza visited some of these families, he could not imagine how they survive, some of them sleep on sand.

Project No. (5,6, and 7)/2015) Providing computer labs to universities

  1. - UCAS has completed providing the lab and we are awaiting the final report from them.
  2. - Al Ummah University has completed providing the lab and have sent us their report.
  3. - IUG is in the process of providing the lab as they have asked for special equipment and are now waiting for the supplier to deliver it through the Israeli gate.

Project of (16/2015) Providing Halothani vaporizer - Yafa hospital has contacted the supplier to provide two units of Halothani vaporizer so we are awaiting for them to be delivered.


Providing Power Generator

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Thank you to our Malaysian donors... Project No: (03/2015)  Project Name: Providing power generator for main building of Dar Al Quran Al Karim Wa Sunnah. Targeted Area: Gaza City. The normal power "electricity " is only available for 4 to 6 hours per day in Gaza Strip. All organizations are therefore forced to stop working when there is no electricity. By providing small or medium generators to these organizations, they can carry on with their work and provide services to the Palestinian People.

Solar system cost too much to cover DQWS need of power as they have 3 floors with about 20 administration rooms and tens of electrical equipment. The generators work better for DQWS.


Micro Finaning projects in Hebron

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The Islamic Society of Hebron, West Bank sent their report on Micro credit for small projects summarized as follows:
This was done in collaboration with PGPF.
The entrepreneurial spirit of these Palestinians ladies is simply breath taking.
Let's together do more to help these women!

First project:
A. Name of Beneficiary: Sabah Bannat.
B. Family member: 9.
C. Amount of loan: USD 2500.
D. Project Type: Developing Hairdressing Shop by providing needy equipment.

Second Project:
A. Name of Beneficiary: Areej Rashed
B. Amount of loan: USD 2500.
C. Project Type: Developing Photographic studio by providing needy equipment.

Third Project:
A. Name of Beneficiary: Suaad Jafraah
B. Family member: 5.
C. Amount of loan: USD 2500.
D. Project Type: Developing Clothing and housewares shop by providing needy equipment to sell it again.

Fourth Project:
A. Name of Beneficiary: Azeezah Al Atrash.
B. Family member: 10.
C. Amount of loan: USD 2500.
D. Project Type: Developing DJ shop for organizing women parties such as ( Wedding Party, Graduation Party , Engagement ceremony ).

IMG 9407sm IMG 9520sm IMG 9542sm IMG 9551sm

Blind Student Camp 2015

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Thank you so the Malaysian Donors for their contribution towards The Light camp No. (03).

Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) Implemented

By: Dar Al Quran Al Karim Wa Sunnah.

Targeted Group: 60 of blind students.

Targeted area: Gaza Strip.

Project Description: the project seeks to enable blind students in Palestine to memorize Al Qur'an Al Karim and give them the capacity for reading Al Quran verses in a professional manner by educating them with Al Tajweed rules.

The 2014 camp for blind students has ended and we are looking forward to the coming Ramadan to start the 2015 new camp for blind students.

01 02 03

05 04 10


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Gaza now receives less than 4 hours of electricity per day leading to immense hardships.

Candle use resulted in home fires and many deaths. Some Palestinian families buy generators and fuel to generate the electricity but it is too expensive and most families live below the poverty line.

Others use the rechargeable lamps. It is not as expensive but can be used only in one room.
The LED system for lighting which VPM is funding is not as expensive (RM250), is available in shops and is easy to repair.

The LED System consists of a battery,  thin wires, 5 switches, 5 LED lights  for 4  rooms and 1 for kitchen. It works for 8 hours and is charged when electricity is available.

The VPM “LIGHT UP A HOME IN GAZA” project will light up:-

70 houses in North Gaza with Salam society
210 houses in Gaza City with Construction and Relief society
70 houses in Al Woustah  with Dar Al Yateem
70 houses in Khanuness with Islamic Society East Khanuness
70 houses in Rafah with Charitable Society for Relief and development


Rebuilding Gaza - January 2015

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At Viva Palestina Malaysia our projects are focussed on empowerment of the Palestinians through microcredit financing for women and university scholarships, as well as medical projects in partnership with medical NGOs.
However due to the severe weather this winter, we are also helping to repair houses for poor families at Gaza Strip, in order to protect them from winter cold and rainfall by providing new roofs, doors, windows and safe electrical connections.

Thank you Hani Thraya for your hard work in following through these projects.
Implemented By: Construction & Relief Charity Society - Gaza.
Targeted group: 20 houses.
Targeted area: Al Shejaeyia - East of Gaza City.

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VPM AGM 2014

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Viva Palestina Malaysia held our AGM on 3 December 2014.

VPM Chairman, Dr Musa Mohd Nordin went through the activities and highlights of the past year and VPM treasurer, Puan Sri Norma Hashimwent through projects carried out and funds disbursed.

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin reelected as Chairman
JamilahSheikh Abdullah reelected as Vice Chairperson
Azra Banu- reelected as Secretary
Puan Sri Norma Hashim reelected as Treasurer

We've streamlined our committees as follows:
Media and Publicity headed by Noraini Hashim
BDS headed Dr Zabrina and Dr Zahurin
Projects headed by Dr Musa and Norma Hashim
Govt Relations headed by Siti Jamilah
Awareness headed by Azra
Friendship headed by Husna

We also welcomed our new members Yousef Aljamal and Ain Zubaida Rosli.

In these photos everyone is studying the annual report intently.



Scholarship Program for University Students

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The project is aimed to help 595 Palestinian university students who were affected by the last war, by providing them partial scholarships of USD 250 per student, to help them register for their university intake 2014/2015 semester, thus enabling them to continue their education.

The project was implemented in cooperation with 7 universities in the Gaza strip, and these scholarships focused on students who were badly affected by the last aggression.

The students selection process was done with a proper criterion, and all universities had to abide by it. The criterion included, good educational attainment, student was badly affected e.g. their homes destroyed and student did not get any scholarship from other donors.

University name                                                                               Students Number
Islamic university of Gaza (IUG)                                                                    140
University College of Applied Sciences(UCAS)                                                140
Al Azhar university                                                                                         81
Al Quds open university                                                                                  80
Al Aqsa university                                                                                          80
Al Ummah for open learning                                                                            40
Palestine university                                                                                        34

 Scholarship6 Scholarship3

First Humanitarian Forum to Support Palestinians

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Chief.AljazeeraMiddle East Monitor report, 30 October 2014

Doha - Representatives of more than 60 charities from 27 countries have gathered in Doha to raise funds for the redevelopment of the Gaza Strip and other aid for Palestinians. Delegates at the “First Humanitarian Forum to Support Palestinians” organised by the Qatar Charity are spending two days discussing the catastrophe facing Palestinians, not only in the besieged Gaza Strip but also the refugee camps in neighbouring countries. [Kia Ora Gaza's international solidarity aid partners are attending this important forum, including Viva Palestina Malaysia. Editor].

The forum is being held under the auspices of the Prime Minister of Qatar, HE Shaikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa al-Thani, who attended the opening session on Wednesday. The need to disseminate information about the humanitarian crisis facing Palestinians, particularly but not exclusively in Gaza, is paramount following Israel’s latest invasion and ongoing military crackdown across the occupied Palestinian territories.

Pleas to lift the crippling siege on the Gaza Strip have fallen largely on deaf ears, one speaker told the audience, and with Egypt destroying the tunnels described by Western journalists as “Gaza’s lifeline”, the people of the coastal territory face enormous difficulties, with even basic necessities in chronic short supply. “This,” he added, “is no less than collective punishment, but who is holding Israel to account? While support for Israel from the US and EU is to be expected, why are China and Russia silent about what is happening to the Palestinians?”

While most attention has been focused on Gaza, for obvious reasons, the charities were reminded that the situation in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem is also dire. Israel’s Judaisation policies in the Holy City have driven away almost two-thirds of the Christian population, said another speaker. Addressing the conference via a pre-recorded video message, the Imam of Al-Aqsa Mosque pointed out that the Israelis are undermining the Islamic identity of Jerusalem by their policies. Shaikh Dr Ikrama Sabri told delegates that this is not a Palestinian issue alone; it should be a major concern for all of the world’s 1 billion Muslims.

Appreciation was expressed at the support given by the government of Qatar not only in Palestine but also other areas of the world facing humanitarian disasters. Information about the relief efforts of the Qatar Charity was given to the forum participants, who are being urged to mobilise and donate as much as possible for Palestinians in desperate need.


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unnamed 2     

Malaysia to use United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to defend Palestine against zionist atrocities: Ahmad Zahid

5 DECEMBER 2014 @ 6:55 PM

PUTRAJAYA, Dec 5 (Bernama) – Malaysia is to use its position as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) for two years from next year to intensify efforts to defend Palestine against the atrocities of the Zionist regime, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

He said the government had decided that Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman would raise issues on Palestine at related meetings of the UNSC.

“Malaysia will surely play its role to champion Palestine and its people and, most importantly, save the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the Zionists,” he told a press conference after launching the ‘Save Al-Quds Global Campaign’ here today.

The ‘Save Al-Quds Global Campaign’, of which Ahmad Zahid is the patron, is an initiative to enlighten the people on the critical state of affairs of Al-Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque as well as pressure Israel to stop the Judaisation of Al-Quds.

Ahmad Zahid said the existence of Palestine, now recognised by 134 countries, raised awareness among the international community on the need for its proper defence.

“Although some countries which are our friends are friendly towards Israel, we hope the growing support for Palestine will indirectly pressure the major powers that have supported Israel all along to bow to the demand of the international community which wants an end to violence,” he said.

Visit their FaceBook page : 

Watch Astro Awani:

IMG 5640

Rehabilitation Services to disabled children

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On 2 November 2014 inshaallah VPM will be starting our first project with Assalama Society providing assistive devices, psychological counseling, school bags and adapting homes for 400 children made disabled by the beastly attacks on Gaza this summer by the Zionist forces. Our aim is to get these kids back to school and ready to face the world again.

Assalama Charitable society distributed 200 school bags for kids with disabilities. The society has also started providing psychological support for wounded kids affect by the last war in Gaza strip. This project is funded byViva Palestina Malaysia and implemented by Effects for Consultation and Development.  It is hoped that the project will help kids with disabilities to continue their studies in schools and be able to integrate in the community. 

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Rebuiding Gaza Project @ IISS

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The Help and Care Society of the Islamic International School - Secondary (IISS) organised a charity fair to raise funds for the rebuilding of Gaza. The President of the project, Syed Adam Emir Putra gave a speech on this project:


All praises and thanks are due to Allah, Lord of the worlds. May the peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his household and his companions. Ameen

Assalamualaikum wrb fellow brothers and sisters. I AM SYED ADAM, PRESIDENT OF THIS PROJECT, "REBUILD GAZA".
As you are well aware, the Help and Care Society is holding this fair to collect funds for our brothers and sisters in Palestine who have just experienced war.

Many of them have lost their homes and family members and are living under the rubbles and in community halls. In our humble capacity, we as muslims should feel obliged to help them.

Amongst the causes we will be assisting, would be to provide protection to those displaced people for the coming winter which will be very cold and wet. They would need at least some basic shelter, electrical heaters, blankets, food, and medical attention.

Allah states in Surah At Taubah, ayah 60.
Charity is meant for the poor, the needy, for those whose profession it is to distribute it, for encouraging (recent converts), for the (freeing) of bonded servants, for those (straining under a load) of debt, for use in the cause of God and also (to help stranded) travellers. These are the stipulated set by God, and God is full of knowledge and wisdom.

Allah also states in Surah Al Baqarah, ayah 261.
Those who spend their money in the cause of God is like that of seed grain. From it seven robust stalks rise, and each stalk contains a hundred grains. God gives abundantly to whomever He wants for God is enough of a provider and is full of knowledge.

From the above ayahs, it is an obligation for us to help our fellow brothers and sisters in Islam. They are a part of us. They are our family.

So please spend your money for this good cause. Abu Hurairah (r.a.) reported Allah's Messenger (s.a.w.s.) as saying: "Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives, Allah adds to his respect; and the one who shows humility, Allah elevates him in the estimation (of the people)." (Hadith Riwayat Muslim)

Your money will be your witness on the Day Of Judgement.


Before I go, I want to take this opportunity to thank our team members who have helped put this event together, our school for allowing this event to happen, Viva Palestine Malaysia for giving their merchandise for us to sell and Dr Shady Abu Jalala who is our contact in Gaza for assisting us and giving us this opportunity to help them.

Jazakumullahu khairan kathira. Wassalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

I would also like to welcome Hassan Radwan a former student from Palestine and he Graduated in the year 2012 from IIS Secondary.

23 OCT 2014

 IMG 5615 IMG 5616 IMG 5620 IMG 5619 IMG 5624 IMG 5621

Drinking Water Project 2014

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This is a project VPM did with the Charitable Society of Rafah

Targeted group: 100 affected families.

Targeted area: Rafah governorate.

To provide drinking water to 100 families affected by the last aggression for 3 months. 

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Back to School Project 2014

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Alhamdulillah many children in Gaza City received uniforms, schoolbags and stationery in time for the school year. Viva Palestina Malaysia worked with a few local NGOs to coordinate this project. Below is a summary of the distribution:

Name of Ngo: Dar Al Quran Al Karim Wa Sunnah.
Project Description: Distribution school bags with full stationary.
Targeted Group: 560 of school students who affected by last aggression on Gaza Strip and who associated to Quran memorizing centers.
Targeted area: All Gaza Strip (5 Governorates).
Amount of Fund: usd 14,000.

Name of Ngo: Rowad Society for Relief and Development
Project Description: Distribution school bags with some stationary.
Targeted Group: 1130 of school students who affected by last aggression on Gaza Strip
Targeted area: East and West of Gaza City ( Al Shejaiya , Beach camp , Al Karamah , North of Gaza City)
Amount of Fund: usd 18,000

Name of Ngo: Salam Society for Relief and Development, and Multaqa Al Rhmah
Project Description: Distribution school bags with full stationary and school uniform.
Targeted Group: 550 of school students who affected by last aggression on Gaza Strip
Targeted area: North of Gaza Strip ( Jabalyia, Betlahyia , Jabalyia camp)
Amount of Fund: usd 18,000.

Name of Ngo: Islamic Society of east of khanunnes
Project Description: Distribution school uniform.
Targeted Group: 1500 of school students who affected by last aggression on Gaza Strip
Targeted area: East of Khanuness ( Abssan , Khuzaah and Al Zannah)
Amount of Fund: usd 20,000.

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