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Micro-credit projects to financially empower families in Palestine

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Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) has been involved in multiple humanitarian projects in Palestine. Our signature project is micro-credit financing of family projects often led by women who are widowed (martyred husbands) or whose husbands are unlawfully imprisoned in Israel.

The first interest free, shari’ah compliant loan was disbursed during Viva Palestina Life Line to Gaza convoy in October 2009. But a carefully audited micro-credit program only began in 2012 under the close supervision of our VPM representative in Gaza.

A total of USD 122,000 have been disbursed, providing USD 1,000 – 2,500 per family. 84 projects have been financed ranging from economic start-ups (grocery store, book shop, computer outlets), handicraft start-ups (embroidery, sewing), animal breeding (chickens, sheep, beekeeping cells) and agriculture (fruit and vegetable planting). 80 projects were in Gaza and 4 in West Bank.

65 projects (77%) are fully operative. 11 projects (13%) were destroyed in the 2014 attack on Gaza. There were 8 failed projects (10%). 12 new projects have been identified for funding this first quarter. The beneficiaries have repaid USD 48,800 worth of loans which are further rolled for new projects.

The success of the micro-credit scheme in Palestine has been much attributed to our generous donors who believed in financial independency and sustainability of the Palestinian families. Strict criteria of selection to benefit the worst hit families and close supervision are crucial to ensure best practices are adhered to.

We hope the success of this micro-credit project would encourage more donors to come forward and invest in the economic recovery of Palestine in tandem with other efforts to liberate her from occupation.


Musa Mohd Nordin, Norma Hashim, Hani Thuraya
Viva Palestina Malaysia

Project 9/2016 - Ramadan Food Basket

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VPM Project 9/2016
In the last days of Ramadan 1437, VPM and their partner NGOs completed Ramadan food basket for Palestinian poor families in West Bank and for Palestinian refugees in the camps in South Turkey.
Out heartfelt appreciation to all donors who contributed to the program. Jazakallahu khairan kathira.

Project No. 07/2016 - Collective Ifar in Al-Aqsa Mosque

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Project No. 07/2016
Collective Ifar in Al-Aqsa Mosque
Funded by: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Al Shatiby Society for Al Quran and it's Sciences
Date: 16nRamadan 1437.

We may not b able to visit Al Aqsa mosque physically but we can visit it with our hearts and our generosity.

This is VPM's third year iftar in Al-Quds.
We fed about 1,000 of the jamaah in Al-Aqsa.

Our big thank you to all VPM donors who contributed to this noble project. May Allah reward you all infinitely in this blessed month. Ameen.

Ramadan Food Voucher Updates

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Ramadan Updates from Palestine.
Today morning in the
Middle of Gaza governorate,
120 poor families bought what they needed using VPM Ramadan food vouchers donated by generous Malaysian and friends of VPM.
Engineer Hani Thuraya, VPM director of operations in Palestine wrote, "When i visited the site,
I could not tell who are the poor and who are the rich from the people shopping in the market. This is probably one of the hidden advantage of the food vouchers."