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Keep Them Warm III

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Viva Palestina Malaysia has finished implementing the third phase of "Keep ThemWarm" project in Rafah and Middle Gaza governorates, where more than 250 of poor families benefited from this project.

Our big thanks to VPM donors who contributed to this project and protected hundreds of Palestinian families from the bitter cold.

The project was implemented by Arab Medical Union AMU office - Gaza Strip.

VPM Bank information:-"Pertubuhan Viva Palestina Malaysia"
Maybank account no.

Text Shidah at 01121370569 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
indicating your name and amount donated for receipts

For tax exempt text me (dr musa) at 0123200564 for details.

Tqvm for your generosity.
May you be bountifully blessed!

Project VPM 3/2016 - Medicines and Medical Equipment for Charitable Hospitals

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Project VPM 3/2016

Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) and Arab Medical Union (AMU) office in Gaza City have started providing medicines and medical equipment for charitable hospitals.

It aims to develop the health sector in Palestine in cooperation with medical NGOs by enabling them to provide healthcare for impoverished Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

It is funded by VPM and supervised by AMU, and will be managed by:
1. Assalamah Charitable Society.
2. Yafa Hospital.
3. Al Karamah Hospital.
4. Public Aid Hospitals group.

Our sincere thanks to all VPM donors who contributed to these medical projects.  

More photos will be posted soon insha Allah.

VPM Micro Credit Project - Nusserat Camp

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VPM Micro Credit Project

Project area: Nusserat camp – Middle of Gaza Strip.
Amount of loan: USD 2500 to Sabha Aburashed
Project: Capital to buy stationary and other school materials for her small bookstore.   

Family member: 9 persons (3 members study at Gaza university)

When Sabha Aburashed first started her business, she struggled to generate revenue and get the right people to fund her business.

"I have this burning desire to become an entrepreneur to help my family but my only challenge now is capital but now after Rowad funded me with soft halal loan from VPM I am able to help my kids.

"There is no bookstore in my area and I chose the right location for my business outside a secondary school" she said.

"Now I have money to feed my kids and to help them complete their college to help me in the future".

"Now I have daily revenue from my bookstore so i take a part from this money for daily family/business expenses and the rest  for developing my business and repay my loan. I am working hard to ensure the project is sustainable and generates income to make my family proud of their Mum.

VPM Micro Credit Project - Big Abssan East of Khan Younis

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VPM Micro Credit Project

Project area: Big Abssan East of Khan Younis
Amount of loan: USD 2500 to Waleed Abu Teer
Project: Provide beehives to produce honey and sell it. Family members: 9 persons ( 2 studying at Gaza university)

Waleed  says “When I heard about Rowad and the loans, I immediately went to get one. So, I could buy the honey production equipment. That meant I was able to pay for my rent and food for my family, buy the materials, make a reasonable profit and, above all, repay my loan on time.”

Two years later, Waleed's son graduated as an agriculture engineer but could not secure a job.

With his experience in agriculture he helped with marketing the honey.

"We get a lot of order for our product because it is high quality honey" Waleed says.

"I’m so proud of what I accomplished for myself and for my family. I sent two kids to university and I fed my family.” Waleed says  

He would not have been able to it without the loans he had received from Rowad that was funded by Viva Palestina Malysia.