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Ramadhan Food Baskets update

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Our Ramadhan Food Baskets this year managed to provide food aid to some1,830 deserving Palestine families in the Gaza Strip: First phase in Rafah, second phase in North of Gaza and third phase in the Middle of Gaza. 250 families in the West Bank have also received food aid through this campaign: total families received the Food Baskets 2,080 families.

All food baskets were deliveries were concluded just on time for Eid.

On top of that, we managed to give away some Zakat money to 240 families (US$50 per family).

We managed to sponsor iftar for 2,000 worshippers in Masjid AlAqsa, Jerusalem, Palestine.

Thank you ALL DONORS for your support and making this campaign a success. Insya'Allah, you have helped to lessen the burdens of these families during Ramadhan month.

Eid Mubarak everyone from us at Viva Palestina Malaysia.

(Photos: Showing the third phase of Ramadhan Food Baskets delivered to some families and Zakat money distributions to some deserving recipients)

VPM sponsored Ramadhan programs in Palestine

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Total disbursed : USD 86,500

TQVM to all our donors

Deadline for donations
10 June 2018

1. Food Baskets @ Gaza - USD 50K
2. Iftar @ Gaza - USD 5K
3. Zakat Fitrah - USD 10K
4. Food Baskets @ West Bank - USD 10K
5. Collective Iftar @ Al-Aqsa - USD 7K
6. Collective Iftar @ As-Shahid Dr. Fadi - USD 2.5K
7. Collective Iftar @ Hospital staff - USD 2K

Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Chairman VPM
Puan Sri Norma Hashim
Treasurer VPM