Dismantle ‘Dividing walls’: The Struggle for Justice and Peace in Palestine Continues

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"More churches are called upon to join the prophetic and courageous action for peace by studying and responding to the Kairos Palestine call. Working for justice cannot but include informing about the truth of occupation, respecting and ensuring respect to international law, revisiting theologies that sanctioned occupation and oppression, support active nonviolence as the right of the oppressed and ‘come and see’ in search of the liberating truth."

The Electronic Intifada: 7 ways the Palestinian Authority helps Israeli occupation

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The Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority works closely with the Israeli occupation.

Earlier this month, for instance, Israeli officials praised the PA for “cracking down” on opposition and resistance to Israel’s occupation in the West Bank.

The PA’s leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has previously called this so-called security coordination a “sacred” duty ...

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Mondoweiss: Israel has no answer to BDS, Barghouti tells packed hall at Columbia

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Omar Barghouti’s appearance at Columbia University on Tuesday night felt like a landmark in the Palestinian solidarity movement in the U.S. A large hall at the law school was crowded to overflowing and the mood was celebratory. Luminaries of the community were in attendance, among them Lila Abu-Lughod, Rula Jebreal, Rashid Khalidi, Rebecca Vilkomerson, Nadia Abu El-Haj, Dorothy Zellner, Lia Tarachansky. Barghouti’s speech was hugely optimistic. He said that the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement was racking up victories far faster than the organizers had imagined when they began nine years ago, faster than the South African movement had progressed. And the BDS movement has the “closet” support of the Netanyahu administration, which was doing its utmost to demonstrate the fallacy of a Jewish democracy.

The suspense of waiting for the Israel supporters to say something was a bit of a fizzle, not the big drama it used to be at such events. Law professor Katherine Franke had urged the crowd not to be civil in discussing one of the most challenging moral questions of our time, and at the end, a man at the back said he had a short question.

“Do you believe that the Jewish people have a right to self determination?” And if so, “Where should it be?” ...
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Middle East Monitor: Dutch pension giant boycotts Israeli banks, G4S faces OECD investigation

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Dutch pension fund giant PGGM has withdrawn all its investments from Israel's five largest banks because of their complicity in West Bank settlements. The report in Israeli newspaper Haaretz was apparently confirmed by PGGM this morning.

The Israeli banks targeted are Bank Hapoalim, Bank Leumi, Bank Mizrahi-Tefahot, the First International Bank of Israel and Israel Discount Bank.

Citing a source, Haaretz said that PGGM - which has reported assets of €131 billion - spent months informing the Israeli banks that their ties with both settlements and other companies also involved in settlements, was problematic from the point of view of international law. The Israeli paper pointed out that PGGM's "decision is liable to damage the banks' image, and could lead other business concerns in Europe to follow suit"...

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Israel 2009 Global language Dictionary

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Gaza,( —The Centre for Political and Development Studies (''CPDS'') held Saturday , May 3rd , 2014 a study-day entitled '' An overview over the Israel project's 2009 Global language Dictionary ,''  in which many prominent researchers and academics as well as representatives of Media institutions, national parties  and think tanks took part.

Being authorized by the Israeli theorist, Frank Luntz, "The Israel project's 2009 Global language Dictionary" is a book addressing influential media discourse, where it highlights a lot of aspects that mark influential political and media discourse. It is basically  directed to the Israeli senior officials as well as  spokespersons, aiming to serve Israeli narrative to be convincing, rational and accepted by all targeted audiences particularly, people of America and Europe .

Recognizing the seriousness of such 18-chapter dictionary as it includes many manipulation terms aiming to forge the facts and tamper the real narrative to serve Israeli agenda; Researchers stressed the need to formulate a unified media strategy to counter such false Israeli propaganda.