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Blind Student Camp 2015

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Thank you so the Malaysian Donors for their contribution towards The Light camp No. (03).

Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) Implemented

By: Dar Al Quran Al Karim Wa Sunnah.

Targeted Group: 60 of blind students.

Targeted area: Gaza Strip.

Project Description: the project seeks to enable blind students in Palestine to memorize Al Qur'an Al Karim and give them the capacity for reading Al Quran verses in a professional manner by educating them with Al Tajweed rules.

The 2014 camp for blind students has ended and we are looking forward to the coming Ramadan to start the 2015 new camp for blind students.

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Scholarship Program for University Students

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The project is aimed to help 595 Palestinian university students who were affected by the last war, by providing them partial scholarships of USD 250 per student, to help them register for their university intake 2014/2015 semester, thus enabling them to continue their education.

The project was implemented in cooperation with 7 universities in the Gaza strip, and these scholarships focused on students who were badly affected by the last aggression.

The students selection process was done with a proper criterion, and all universities had to abide by it. The criterion included, good educational attainment, student was badly affected e.g. their homes destroyed and student did not get any scholarship from other donors.

University name                                                                               Students Number
Islamic university of Gaza (IUG)                                                                    140
University College of Applied Sciences(UCAS)                                                140
Al Azhar university                                                                                         81
Al Quds open university                                                                                  80
Al Aqsa university                                                                                          80
Al Ummah for open learning                                                                            40
Palestine university                                                                                        34

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Rehabilitation Services to disabled children

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On 2 November 2014 inshaallah VPM will be starting our first project with Assalama Society providing assistive devices, psychological counseling, school bags and adapting homes for 400 children made disabled by the beastly attacks on Gaza this summer by the Zionist forces. Our aim is to get these kids back to school and ready to face the world again.

Assalama Charitable society distributed 200 school bags for kids with disabilities. The society has also started providing psychological support for wounded kids affect by the last war in Gaza strip. This project is funded byViva Palestina Malaysia and implemented by Effects for Consultation and Development.  It is hoped that the project will help kids with disabilities to continue their studies in schools and be able to integrate in the community. 

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