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Project No.(19/ 2016) Distributing Qurbani Meat Project

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Project Outcomes:

1. Distributed 650 shares of fresh and pure meat in Gaza Strip for 650 of needy families by giving 1 KG meat for each beneficiaries.
2. Draw nice smiles on 650 of poor families faces.
3. Achieved principle of the social solidarity between families.
4. Reduced the economics burdens for 650 of needy families through providing them fresh meat.
5. Provided good nutritious and healthy meal for 650 families.
6. Enhanced Palestinian economic situation by encouraging the internal trade in Gaza.

Conversations With 3 Icons to FREE PALESTINE

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The 3 Icons are - Anna Baltzer, a Jewish-American author and activist for Palestinian human rights, Ali Hassan Abunimah, Executive Director of The Electronic Intifada, an independent online news publication focussing on Palestinian affairs, and Samah Sabawi, a Palestinian-Australian-Canadian writer, commentator, author and playwright.