KL Palestine Film Festival (KLPFF 2014)

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 KLPFF2014 is the 3rd and so far the best KLPFF that VPM has hosted. This time, the film festival expanded to include a charity bazaar, a photo exhibition, a book launch, even a cooking demo and we brought in 4 very good speakers:

  • Laila El-Haddad, author of Gaza Mom and co-author of The Gaza Kitchen: A Palestinian Culinary Journey, is a political analyst and social activist.
  • Yasmine Perni, producer of The Stones cry Out
  • Seba Asmaa El Mourabiti, an Algerian-Belgian photographer to showcase her photo exhibition on female Palestinian prisoners entitled, ‘A Suspended Life’
  • Sameeha Elwan, a contributor to the book, ‘Remember Us’

Each of the film screenings were to full houses and there was a steady stream of people in and out of the charity bazaar throughout the two days. The speakers attracted a crowd and what they had to say was eye opening for many.

VPM is particularly pleased with the response and interest form the non-Muslim crowd because our main objective for the KLPFF has always been to spread awareness to highlight the fact that the Palestinian issue is a humanitarian issue and not a religious one.

The film, ‘The Stones Cry Out’ about Palestinian Christians was popular with the Christians and as we had Yasmin, the producer of the film, she conducted very good and informative Q&A sessions about the subject matter of the film. In order to cover another aspect of the Palestinian crisis, we chose the film, ‘A World Not Ours’ as the premiere to highlight what it is like for Palestinians living in the refugee camps; for some, this film might have caused uneasiness but the film portrayed the reality and highlighted the hopelessness of the Palestinian refugees.

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REMEMBER US - Book Launch

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The book, ‘Remember Us’ is a compilation of stories, narratives, poems by young Palestinians writers, edited by our own VPM members, Dr Husna and Dr Zabrina. The book was officially launched by YBhg Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir on 6 September 2014 in conjunction with the KL-Palestine Film Festival 2014 at Publika, Kuala Lumpur.


IMG 3550 IMG 3572

The book is avaiable at and will be in bookstores soon. In the meantime, you may watch the trailer of the book on youtube by clicking:



Pre Publicity for KLPFF2014

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Pre KLPFF publicity and press conference to introduce and promote KLPFF2014 was held on 2 Sept 2014 with Yuzaidi Yusoff, VPM media maestro and our lovely guests Ms Yasmine Perni, Ms Laila el- Haddad n Ms Sameeha Elwan. John Hirsch from the Wall Street Journal interviewed Yasmine Perni, the Italian film maker whose movie The Stones Cry Out about Christians in Palestine sufffering under the occupation will be screened at the KLPFF2014.

Laila introduced The Gaza Kitchen which will be available for sale at KLPFF 2014.
It was a good event and the women from VPM and the women guests of VPM stood in solidarity with Palestine.
you can read NST coverage on KLPFF2014 at:
More interviews live on TV on MHI and ffor article in Life & Times NST
There was a good interview on BFM and you may listen to interview here: PC16 PC13 PC11 IKIM interview on 1 Sept 2014 BFM1 MHI1  Life TimesMHI4
Interesting article in The Edge on the documentary 'The Stones Cry Out' to be screened at KLPFF2014 :
The Stones Cry Out


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Peaceful Rally

Saturday 2nd August 2014
3 - 4.30pm
Dataran Merdeka
Organized by Viva Palestina Malaysia and Aqsa Syarif

The situation in Gaza worsens by the day.

The Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) has been brutal and unrelenting in their bombings. Grim and gruesome pictures of the dead, wounded, maimed and disfigured flood the media daily. Innocent women and children cut down mercilessly – at the playground, on the beach, at the market, hospitals, schools, in their homes and while cuddled in each others’ arms, seeking safety. But even the Secretary General of the UN admits, “no place is safe in Gaza.”

The world is outraged at this blatant violation of human rights and shocked into action. Thousands continue to fill the streets of London, Washington, Auckland, Sydney, The Hague, Paris, New York, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Durban, Toronto, Singapore and more. Their demand – Stop the Massacre and Free Palestine.

Civil societies from every country and faith are standing in solidarity with the Palestinians.

This is the new super power. PEOPLE POWER.

Fellow Malaysians! Let us demonstrate our nation’s condemnation of the genocide in Gaza. Express our outrage at the holocaust unfolding before our very eyes.

Join our peaceful rally this Saturday.

We call on Malaysians and everyone else, from all walks of life, race, culture, religion and politics to unite and show


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