VPM Qurban 2023 - update

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Alhamdulillah, Viva Palestina Malaysia's Qurban @Palestine Campaign 2023 managed to contribute 9 cows and 10 sheep for Palestinian families in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria.

Four (4) Sheep were purchased through the collective Sadaqah Qurban (accumulated donations to our banks account from 1st June 2023). These Sheep are for Palestinian refugees families; 3 Sheep in Lebanon and 1 Sheep in Syria.

The numbers may not big, but they are highly appreciated by the Qurbani meat recipients.

We will share photos once available.

May Allah accept our Qurban and bless everyone involved in this campaign.

Thank you for your continuous support.
Have a blessed Eid with your loved ones.

Viva Palestina Malaysia Team

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