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Prevention of Apartheid in Israel/Palestine Advocacy Campaign

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Project No: (29/2017)
Project Name: Prevention of Apartheid in Israel/Palestine Advocacy Campaign.
Project description: The project aims to advocate the monitoring and defense of international law and human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor – Gaza Regional Office.

Providing lighting to the disabled and elderly in Lebenon

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" Most days we sat outside the house as we had no light inside the house." Alhamdulillah she can now sit indoors , with the completion of Viva Palestina Malaysia's first project in Lebanon , providing lighting for 15 homes of elderly and disabled Palestinian refugees at Burj-alBarajneh and Shatila camps.

The situation of Palestinian refugees at these camps is extremely miserable and there is a lot we can do to help.

6th Mobile Medical Week in Yarmouk Camp

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Alhamdulillah , on Thursday at the besieged camp of Yarmouk, Damascus , we completed the 6th medical week where 1,027 people came to visit doctors from the Palestinian Red Crescent and get medicines over a period of one week . We also distributed 200 cans of milk to vulnerable babies and toddlers at both Yarmouk and Khan Eshieh camps. Thanks to the doctors and medical officers as well as staff of Alkhayriah the Charitable Assoc for Palestinian Relief .