Winter Crisis in Gaza

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Update 7 Feb 2014

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Update 23 Jan 2014
We have received another USD 20,000 for the winter crisis.
We will use USD 10,000 to finance 20 homes in Beitlahia that need to be repaired .

Report from our Representative from Gaza:
- About helping Betlahia area: Islamic society HQ in cooperation with Islamic society (IS) branch in Bitlahyia made field visits to families affected by the flood in the area and selected 20 families that needed help, the aim of IS is to conduct rehabilitation for homes such as painting walls, maintenance of electrical tools, doors, floors ..etc. that were damaged from the flood and each house need about USD 500.

- About Emergency Aid with Rowad Society: Alhamdulilllah they finished distributing all the aid to the affected families in the Tunnel area at Gaza City.

- About Emergency Aid with Gaza Society for relief: they will start distributing the needy aid on 25 Jan 2014 for 35 families in south of Gaza City , I will be one of the distribution team to check on the distribution, and to check the situation of the selected families as I did previously with Rowad society.

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WInter Crisis poster3Update 18 Dec 2013: VPM had sent the first USD10,000 to Salam Society for Jabalia . Subsequently we sent USD5,000 each to NGOs in Shaik Radwan and East Gaza. The next USD10,000 will be for Beitlahia, a farming area and Rafah inshaa Allah. That way we target to help all of Gaza.

Gaza Premier, Isma'el Haneya visited Salam Society during their preparations for the aid funded by VPM. Haneya spoke to Sheik Yacoub Soliman and his Board members in Salam Society for Relief & Development.

Kia Ora Gaza Trust, an NGO based in New Zealand has also launched a similar emergency appeal. And in their appeal they mentioned, " we will join the international appeal headed by our aid partners, VPM, who work with the Salam Society in Gaza providing immediate, practical assistance to the thousands of desperate families who have been made homeless by the widespread deluge.

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The people living in Gaza Strip are currently suffering because of a wave of bitter cold, rain and flood in Gaza Strip.The Areas that completely affected are:
1. Jabalyia Al Nazlah (more than 150 Families affected).
2. East Gaza City - East Al Zitoon Neighborhood. (112 Families affected).
3. Khanuness and Rafah (more than 200 families affected).

These families desperately need a helping hand. There is no fuel, no gas, no water and no electricity. Children are hungry and cold. Their homes destroyed and their cows and goats have died because of the floods.

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