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Distribution of Ramadan Food Baskets.

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3 July 2015

Alhamdulillah, Great Thank to Viva Palestina Donors, May Allah accept from them, and bless their kind work.

Project No: (35/2015)
Project Name: Collective Iftar in Al Aqsa area.
Targeted Group: 500 of Al Aqsa visitors and prayers.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Al Aqsa association for protecting and Maintenance of Islamic Waqf - Jerusalem.

1 July 2015

Project No: (33/2015)
Project Name: Ramadan Food Vouchers.
Targeted Group: 500 Families.
Targeted area: Ramallah & Hebron - West Bank.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Islamic charitable society - Hebron.
In cooperation with: Ramallah Zakat committee.

1 July 2015

Project No: (37/2015)
Project Name: Distribution of Ramadan Food Baskets.
Targeted Group: 250 Families of Palestinian refugees in South of Turkey.
Implemented By: Hayat Yolu - Turkey.


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Our annual campaign is back: "RAMADAN FOOD BASKETS for PALESTINE"  @RM150 (+/- US$40) per family.

You may contribute ANY amount to:

"PERTUBUHAN VIVA PALESTINA MALAYSIA" Account no : 5-64324-601324 Bank : Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) Swift Code : MBBEMYKL Bank address : Block C, Damansara Offices Complex, Jalan Dungun, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For e-receipt, please email your name and amount donated to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Campaign ends on 10 July 2015



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Gaza now receives less than 4 hours of electricity per day leading to immense hardships.

Candle use resulted in home fires and many deaths. Some Palestinian families buy generators and fuel to generate the electricity but it is too expensive and most families live below the poverty line.

Others use the rechargeable lamps. It is not as expensive but can be used only in one room.
The LED system for lighting which VPM is funding is not as expensive (RM250), is available in shops and is easy to repair.

The LED System consists of a battery,  thin wires, 5 switches, 5 LED lights  for 4  rooms and 1 for kitchen. It works for 8 hours and is charged when electricity is available.

The VPM “LIGHT UP A HOME IN GAZA” project will light up:-

70 houses in North Gaza with Salam society
210 houses in Gaza City with Construction and Relief society
70 houses in Al Woustah  with Dar Al Yateem
70 houses in Khanuness with Islamic Society East Khanuness
70 houses in Rafah with Charitable Society for Relief and development


Continuing Appeal

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SaveTheChildrenOfGaza ePoster 060814a

We have so far sent USD 175,000 to Gaza for food and medical relief. We have funded amongst others, water in tankers to UN schools, hot meals for iftar and suhoor, diapers, baby milk, mattresses, blankets and truck load of medical supplies via Arab Medical Union and now, we are in the process of buying 4 ambulances. 

Our strength is that we respond quickly and we give food and water when the big NGOs hadn't moved in yet and now we are moving towards bigger things as big as NGOS like Red Cross have stepped in.


blanket3 blanket4  water11  water13  FimaDoc5  FimaDoc3

Our partners Doctors World Wide (DWW) Turkey in collaboration with the MOH Turkey are enroute to Gaza via Tel Aviv.

Our FiMA think tank member & CEO of DWW Dr. Kerem informs us that he and Prof. Orhan also from DWWT are at the airport on their way to Gaza via Tel Aviv. They are boarding  an air ambulance of MOH of Turkey.

This is our third FIMA Medical mission in partnership with our associates. The first being 8 Sudanese and second 5 Palestinian doctors.

The following have been lined up for upcoming missions. They will spend 10-14 days in Gaza in sequence. Thus Gaza will have a continuos presence of our best FIMA doctors.

1 Arab Med Union AMU
2 Islamic Med Assoc North America IMANA
3 Saudi team
4 Pakistan IMA
5 IMA Malaysia
6 IMA Bangladesh
7 Team Jordan

This was the decision we made @ Arusha Tanzania on 7-8 Aug at our FIMA council meeting with all our affiliates & global partners. May Allah bless this global partnership of minds & hearts of our Muslim medical fraternity.

Kindly accompany them with your doa that this third mission helps to relieve the injured people of Gaza and flies the sickest out for expert surgical & medical attention.
Fima Child1  FimaChild2  FimaDoc7  FimaDoc6

12 August 2014Dr Kerem DWW Turkey reports from air ambulance airlifting injured patients "Yesterday we sent 4 heavy cases, today we are trying to send 8 more. We are awaiting for Palestinian authority in West Bank to issue them passports. We are still waiting for 88 emergency patient's official travel documents from PA in West Bank.

The wounded children in picture above are in A Quds awaiting transfer.
Dr Kerem adds "Our Minister of Foreign Affairs is calling up Abbas to  speed up the process"
Attached an article in Turkish paper Daily Sabah on cooperation between DWW and FIMA:
Alhamdulillah, this is truly a formidable partnership of 19 global relief bodies  cooperating for a common cause.

 Medical supply to Salam Soc thru Mapin 
MAPIN delivering medical supply from VPM to Salam Society in Gaza
FimaDoc8 FimaDoc10

14 August 2014 - 29 wounded Gazans now being transferred via Erez Checkpoint to Ben Gurion Airport.

Pictures attached. Imagine only a 4 member team of DWW & MOH Turkey doing an awesome & marvelous job.

I have my misgivings of big number teams entering Gaza. In our FIMA plan of action at most 5-10 surgeons are deployed at any one time. But ensuring a team always present in Gaza.

A 65 member team is undoubtedly a logistic nightmare for food stricken and shelter deprived Gaza. Besides if bombing resumes Gazans would sacrifice their own lives to shelter the relief team members - the Gaza hospitality is unparalleled despite their poor circumstances. We should not further burden our Gazan hosts.

Till time of reporting Malaysian team yet to receive clearance from
Egyptian authorities. Team Malaysia has been told to downsize from 65 to 20!

Many patients could not get proper medical treatment because of the lack of medical devices and consumables like orthopedic fixators.

 VPM.Med.Truck1 VPM.Med.Truck3

6 trucks funded by the AMU/FIMA initiative entered Gaza. It was filled with medical & surgical supplies worth $200K. 20 Islamic Medical Associations, charity & relief NGOs from Egypt, Malaysia, USA, Turkey, Pakistan, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia contributed to this initiative since the entry of the first convoy on 12 July 2014.

This is the 4th from the AMU/FIMA convoy to enter Gaza.
Four ambulances have been donated to the MOH Gaza. 4 have been cleared by the Egyptian authorities and 12 are awaiting intelligence clearance. It is a laborious process where many other NGOs have failed and joined our AMU/FIMA initiative!

This is the blessing of team work & international collaboration.


 VPM's Gaza Relief Projects so far this summer of 2014

Gaza Relief projects


Donation from MBSB

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Alhamdulillah!  this was a very good afternoon! Collected RM100,00 donation from Malaysian Building Society Berhad during MBSB Open House event and Puan Azlina, the Public Relations manager of MBSB went round the corporate guests and received pledges of a further RM 130,000 from them.

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