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Book Trailer - 'Remember Us'

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Remember Us carries a collection of stories and narratives, a project initiated by one of the editors, Husna Musa, after her return from Gaza early 2013, as a member of the friendship committee of Viva Palestina Malaysia, she emotionally embraced the stories of her Palestinian friends to share it with young readers from around the world.

Remember Us will bring us through a journey we have never been through before. The honest expression of hopes, fear, anger, dreams, frustrations, aspirations and desires reflect that the ones who are living under oppression and continuous intimidation by their occupiers are simply people who yearn for a peaceful life.

Through their lyrical contributions, readers learn to view Palestinians not as victims or "superhuman" impervious to whatever life throws at them, but as human beings capable of love, fear, anger, sorrow, and deserves freedom as well as justice.

Laila El-Haddad Palestinian freelance journalist, author, blogger, and media activist

The voices in this collection are important and deserve to be celebrated. Whether Palestinians sharing a slice of their lives with us, or the activists and humanitarians who support them, lives can and will be changed through the power of story.

Randa Abdel Fattah Author, human rights activist, Phd candidate

This book will move you as it has moved me. In accessible language, written by young people for young people, ‘Remember US’ is an easily read, yet hard to forget, work.

Lauren Booth Broadcaster, writer, human rights activist