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Distribution of Rechargable Lamps

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VPM had raised funds through collections at Mutiara International Grammar School and others and had used the fund to purchase emergency rechargeable lamps to be distributed to poor families in Gaza. VPM had sent USD8,000 for the rechargeable lamp project in Khan younis for 450 poor families. Our coordinator in Gaza managed to negotiate a good price and we had a balance of USD 1165 so we bought another 75 lamps and distributed to poor families in 2 other areas called Shaik Ridwan and Beach Camp.

delivery of lamp lamp project in Khan Younis
lamp project2 in Khan Younis  lamp distribution1 lamp distribution2


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FSDA.4.smallRamzy Baroud ran the Seattle Marathon on 25 November 2012 on behalf of Viva Palestina Malaysia to raise funds for our women's micro financing project in Gaza.

21 Families have benefited from this USD20,000 donation drive. which was disbursed to various Micro Financing Projects in Northern Gaza Strip.

On 2 June 2013 the Family & Development Society held a course to 21 beneficiaries on how to make their micro Finance Projects a success.

Gaza Relief - Emergency Fund

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updateDonations have continued to pour in since we launched this campaign on 16 November 2012. As at 13 December, our collections totaled RM 1,003,303. As of 26 November, we have dispatched a total of RM 435,000 (USD 145,000) and will be dispatching more funds soon. 

Thank you to all the generous donors and may the Al-Mighty bless you for your generosity. The funds that have been sent to Gaza have been used to buy much needed supplies and these supplies have been distributed to the victims of this brutal attack by Israel. Gaza needs a lot more help for rebuilding and medical supplies so please continue to donate more.

We carried out a donation drive at Masjid Wilayah and Masjid Negara on Friday, 23 November and we collected a total of RM47,990 from both mosques through donations and sales of our paraphernalia. Other donation drives have also been and are currently being carried out by our volunteers at various mosques and locations.