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Vegetables and chicken Baskets for poor families in Gaza Strip

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The world is a mess but we can't forget Gaza.

Viva Palestina MalaysiaProject No. (07/2019) - Vegetables and chicken Baskets for poor families in Gaza Strip. Grant amount: USD 6000. No. of Beneficiaries: 240 poor families in AlWustah district ,Gaza Strip.

Rationale: Helps people in cooking their lunch which is the main meal for the poor. When we provide for them chicken and vegetables, we enable them to cook and eat, also by adding two chickens, we help them get protein.(Some people in Gaza eat chicken only once a month or every 3 months. )

And this veg and chicken basket is made up of Gaza produce which helps the local farmers and economy.

MEDICAL WEEKS IN REFUGEE CAMPS IN SYRIA (For Palestinian refugees and internally displaced Syrians)

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Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) has been helping Palestinian refugees in Syria since 2015 through milk and medicines and winter clothes. Last week together with doctors from the Palestinian Red Crescent we held our 9th clinic week serving over 1,000 people including infants, children, and the elderly seeking treatment and medicines.

We want to hold another clinic and milk distribution next month so please donate ANY AMOUNT if you can.

Maybank: 5-64324-601324

Medical Aid near Yarmouk camp in Syria

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This afternoon Azra Banu and I met Khaled Abu Samra of AlKhayriah Charitable Association for Palestinian Relief. Viva Palestina Malaysia worked with them to carry out our 8th medical clinic week near Yarmouk camp in Syria . Yarmouk was a bustling Palestinian community but is now destroyed and the people displaced to surrounding areas like Yalda. During the clinic week 775 people benefited from doctor's consultations and medicines were dispensed alhamdulillah. Please donate and help us do more.