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Israel boycott: British academic turns down prestigious award & cash prize for 'political' reasons

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Israel boycott: British academic turns down prestigious award & cash prize for 'political' reasons

Israel boycott: British academic turns down prestigious award & cash prize for ‘political’ reasons

Published time: 26 May, 2016 14:28

A British academic has turned down a prestigious Israeli award and £225,000 ($300,000) in prize money for “political” reasons, in what appears to be the latest attempt by Western activists to boycott the Jewish state.
Catherine Hall, a history professor at University College London (UCL) was due to receive a third of The Dan David Foundation £690,000 ($1 million) prize for her work’s “impact on social history, as a pioneer in gender history, race, and slavery.”

Hall, however, declined to attend the award ceremony in Tel Aviv on Sunday, saying her rejection of the prize was “an independent political choice” after engaging in “many discussions” over the Israel-Palestine conflict, AP reports.

Professor Catherine Hall © ucl.ac.uk
Her stance appears to be inspired by the international Boycott, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which several prominent British academics have joined since 2005.

In a statement to the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine, a pro-BDS group, Hall announced she withdrew from the prize “after many discussions with those who are deeply involved with the politics of Israel-Palestine, but with differing views as to how best to act.”

The foundation said Hall initially accepted the prize enthusiastically when she was selected in February, and only later asked to withdraw her name without giving a reason.

It said it would donate Hall’s prize winnings to support Israeli and international history scholars.

Previous prize recipients include former US vice president Al Gore, former British prime minister Tony Blair, cellist Yo-Yo Ma and filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen.

BDS supporters say the movement uses non-violent means to end Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, but the Israeli government says the movement’s true goals are to destroy the country and has anti-Semitic undertones.

Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan

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From the 69th World Health Assembly, Geneva (23-28 May 2016)

From Committee B Agenda 25 May 2016:
Health conditions in the occupied Palestinian territory, including east Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan

Secretariat Report

Director General Report

Occupied Syrian Golan

Occupied Palestine Territory

MOH Palestine Report

Based on these reports, a draft decision proposed by the delegation of Kuwait on behalf of the Arab group and Palestine was voted upon

Total countries eligible to vote: 182

108 (including Malaysia)

8 (including Australia, Canada, Israel, USA)

Abstain: 8

Absent: 58

Project No. (42/2015) - VPM in cooperation with Rowad Society at Gaza Strip distributed loans for micro credit projects

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The beneficiaries were poor and needy families to help develop their economic situation and enhance financial sustainability.  
The micro credit projects included:

1. Developing a grocery  shop (USD 2500) -  Gaza City.
2. Developing a grocery shop (USD 2500) -  Rafah City.
3. Developing  a clothes shop (USD 2500) - Jabalyia camp - North of Gaza.
4. Developing a plumbing tools shop (USD 2500) - Middle of Gaza Strip.
5. Developing a shop for selling household utensils - East of Gaza City.
6. Developing a shop for selling frozen food(USD 2500) - Gaza City.

Field visit to follow up the progress of work in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center (PTR)

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Field visit to follow up the progress of work in the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center (PTR) - Khan Younis, North of Gaza Strip.
PTR center implemented 2367 treatment sessions for 192 wounded persons from 2014 war.
Funded by:
- Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM)
- Mercy Malaysia.
- Tika - Turkey.
- TIMA - Thailand.
- DWWT - Turkey.
Supervised by:
In cooperation with:
- As-Salamah Society - Palestine.

Khazanah Scholarships for Palestinians

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As per last year, we will be opening our scholarship application for Palestinian starting this Monday 4 April 2016.


Please find below the Scholarship timeline for the 2016 Khazanah Asia Scholarship selection:



4 – 20 April 2016

Khazanah Asia Scholarship application . Submission of scholarship form for scholarship selection consideration through partners or submission through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

25 April – 8 May 2016

Stage 1 and 2 of the online assessment

10 – 20 May 2016

Stage 3 of the online assessment and interview (skype interview for those who are not in Malaysia)

26 – 28 May 2016

Stage 4 assessment – Interview with YK Managing Director (skype interview for those who are not in Malaysia)


Attached is the application form for students to apply in Malaysia. There are 2 forms, one for undergraduates and another for postgraduates.


2016 Khazanah Asia Scholarship - Application form PG and PDPA Notice Form

2016 Khazanah Asia Scholarship - Application form UG and PDPA Notice Form


Students can also download the form starting 5 April 2016 at our website. They can go to www.yayasankhazanah.com.my , under the Scholarship Programme, go to Khazanah Asia Scholarship Programme and under the Palestine information there is a link for them to download the application form. The completed form can be sent direct to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the partners.


Best regards,


Yayasan Khazanah

Another Palestinian world achievement. Dr Baalousha was at Islamic University Gaza

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ENHS and CENR’s Mohammed Baalousha joins Faculty Early Career Awardees

Mohammed Baalousha, an Assistant Professor at the Center for Environmental NanoScience & Risk (CENR) in the Arnold School’s Department of Environmental Health Sciences (ENHS), has been awarded the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program Award —receiving $510,000 to support his research and education activities over a five-year period within the context of his professorship at the University of South Carolina. With approximately 2,500 proposals submitted annually, CAREER is highly competitive and is the National Science Foundation’s most prestigious awards program for junior faculty. Awardees like Baalousha exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of research and education—activities that build a solid foundation for a lifetime of leadership in these areas.....

Full article: http://www.sph.sc.edu/news/baalousha.html

Keep Them Warm III

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Viva Palestina Malaysia has finished implementing the third phase of "Keep ThemWarm" project in Rafah and Middle Gaza governorates, where more than 250 of poor families benefited from this project.

Our big thanks to VPM donors who contributed to this project and protected hundreds of Palestinian families from the bitter cold.

The project was implemented by Arab Medical Union AMU office - Gaza Strip.

VPM Bank information:-"Pertubuhan Viva Palestina Malaysia"
Maybank account no.

Text Shidah at 01121370569 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
indicating your name and amount donated for receipts

For tax exempt text me (dr musa) at 0123200564 for details.

Tqvm for your generosity.
May you be bountifully blessed!

Project VPM 3/2016 - Medicines and Medical Equipment for Charitable Hospitals

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Project VPM 3/2016

Viva Palestina Malaysia (VPM) and Arab Medical Union (AMU) office in Gaza City have started providing medicines and medical equipment for charitable hospitals.

It aims to develop the health sector in Palestine in cooperation with medical NGOs by enabling them to provide healthcare for impoverished Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

It is funded by VPM and supervised by AMU, and will be managed by:
1. Assalamah Charitable Society.
2. Yafa Hospital.
3. Al Karamah Hospital.
4. Public Aid Hospitals group.

Our sincere thanks to all VPM donors who contributed to these medical projects.  

More photos will be posted soon insha Allah.

VPM Micro Credit Project - Nusserat Camp

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VPM Micro Credit Project

Project area: Nusserat camp – Middle of Gaza Strip.
Amount of loan: USD 2500 to Sabha Aburashed
Project: Capital to buy stationary and other school materials for her small bookstore.   

Family member: 9 persons (3 members study at Gaza university)

When Sabha Aburashed first started her business, she struggled to generate revenue and get the right people to fund her business.

"I have this burning desire to become an entrepreneur to help my family but my only challenge now is capital but now after Rowad funded me with soft halal loan from VPM I am able to help my kids.

"There is no bookstore in my area and I chose the right location for my business outside a secondary school" she said.

"Now I have money to feed my kids and to help them complete their college to help me in the future".

"Now I have daily revenue from my bookstore so i take a part from this money for daily family/business expenses and the rest  for developing my business and repay my loan. I am working hard to ensure the project is sustainable and generates income to make my family proud of their Mum.

VPM Micro Credit Project - Big Abssan East of Khan Younis

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VPM Micro Credit Project

Project area: Big Abssan East of Khan Younis
Amount of loan: USD 2500 to Waleed Abu Teer
Project: Provide beehives to produce honey and sell it. Family members: 9 persons ( 2 studying at Gaza university)

Waleed  says “When I heard about Rowad and the loans, I immediately went to get one. So, I could buy the honey production equipment. That meant I was able to pay for my rent and food for my family, buy the materials, make a reasonable profit and, above all, repay my loan on time.”

Two years later, Waleed's son graduated as an agriculture engineer but could not secure a job.

With his experience in agriculture he helped with marketing the honey.

"We get a lot of order for our product because it is high quality honey" Waleed says.

"I’m so proud of what I accomplished for myself and for my family. I sent two kids to university and I fed my family.” Waleed says  

He would not have been able to it without the loans he had received from Rowad that was funded by Viva Palestina Malysia.

The Newsmakers: Gaza - life on the strip

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They call it ‘the world’s biggest prison’. Nearly two million people live on a small strip of land, about the same size as Manhattan. Very few people get in or out of the Gaza strip. It’s under an Israeli blockade - by land, sea and air. Inside, a generation has grown up knowing only conflict, poverty and destruction. Nicole Johnston has reported on Gaza for years, and covered two wars with Israel from the strip. In this Newsmakers documentary she returns during peacetime, to see how people have survived ten years under siege.

Medical Home Services Project

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Project No. (21/2015)
Medical Home Services Project

Funded by:
- Viva Palestina Malaysia.
- Mercy Malaysia

Implemented  and supervised by:
- Doctors Worldwide Turkey (DWWT).

In collaboration with: Assalamah Society.

Project Period: 2 years.

Project description:
To provide the beneficiaries, namely war wounded people and their families and those with disabilities, with health rehabilitation services at homes which includes medical treatment, nursing, physiotherapy & psychological support.