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For close to 70 years, Israel has been violating the rights of the Palestinians with impunity. Denied their right to freedom and self-determination and subjected to ethnic cleansing and systematic discrimination. Today the world watches in horror at the genocide taking place in Gaza.

But in spite of its glaring brutal oppression of the Palestinians, Israel has hardly been rebuked, let alone held accountable for its crimes against humanity.

This led to a call by Palestinian civil societies to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel or BDS. That was 2005, nearly ten years ago. Today BDS Israel is a global movement, spanning the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

What are the aims of BDS. Contrary to popular belief, it is more than just economics.

A Campaign of Isolation

BDS sends a clear message to the Israeli government that it is a rogue state not welcome anywhere until it recognizes the Palestinians right to self-determination and fully complies with international laws. It involves isolating Israel culturally, academically and economically.

A Moral Statement

BDS is a moral statement that says, “I don’t consume these products because it is morally and ethically wrong.”  It empowers consumers and reminds them that as individuals they have a choice. It is about standing in solidarity with a people under occupation for more than 60 years.

Creates Awareness

BDS creates awareness and is a reminder of the long and brutal occupation the Palestinians have been living under. Each time we see the brands or companies targeted, we will remember the occupation.

Applying Pressure
BDS is about pressuring businesses to cease their relationship or change their business policies with a government that violates the rights of an entire people.
BDS  is now a global movement that involves Nobel Laureates, academicians, poets, musicians, artists, award winning journalists. It includes universities, churches, student bodies, businesses and even the government of South Africa. This is a call to stop this bully through peaceful, non-violent means.

Are we strong enough to be effective?

Boycott South Africa started in the 1950s and was the idea of a small group of activists. It took decades but eventually almost the entire world stood united and brought an end to South Africa’s racist government.

Can we do it again?

In unity lies our strength. Do not make the mistake of doing nothing just because we think we can only do little. Just do what we can. Let us each act within our circle of influence.

An International Conference   on ‘Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions for Justice’   will be held on 12th September 2015 at University Malaya to plan the Malaysian BDS: A Framework of Action”

We invited three icons of the BDS civil movement to share their experience and expertise. They are:

1.     Anna Baltzer – Activist & Author for Palestinian Rights, USA

2.     Ali Hasan Abunimah – Palestinian American Co-founder of electronic.infitada.net,  USA

3.     Samah Sabawi – Palestinian/Australian/Canadian Author, Commentator & Playwright

The one day conference will consist of:

a.   2 plenary sessions

b.   1 symposium

c.    5 workshops




0700 - 0830



0830 - 0900

Welcome notes


0900 - 0945

Plenary I:

The Battle for Justice in Palestine

Ali Abunimah

0945 - 1030

Plenary II:

BDS: History, Philosophy, Strategies, Challenges and Successes

Anna Baltzer

1030 - 1100

Coffee Break


1100 - 1230

Symposium I: How to BDS?

1 Types of BDS

2 Case studies of BDS – international experiences

3 Australian BDS – a national experience

Ali Abunimah

Anna Baltzer

Samah Sabawi

1230 - 1400

Lunch & Prayers


1400 - 1530

Workshops: BDS Malaysia: Nurturing the Culture of Civil Resistance

1 Consumer boycott

2 Academic boycott

3 The ABC of Divestment & Sanctions

4 BDS awareness campaigns

5 Students & youths role in BDS


Hafidzi, Zabrina, Aqsa

Samah, Zahurin, Aqsa

Ali, Musa, Norma, Aqsa

Anna, Azra, Aqsa

Mike, Hamidah, Aqsa

1530 - 1700

Presentation of Workshop resolutions to Panel Experts

Chaired by Musa

Closing by Nazari

Expert Panel:






1700 – 1730


After PC  After the Press Conference today, 4 Sept 2015

Distributing new groups of loans for micro finance projects

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Through project No. (01/2015) activities Viva Palestina Malaysia in cooperation with Rowad Society at Gaza Strip distributed new groups of loans for micro finance projects which run by poor and needy families in Gaza Strip in order to develop their economic situations to enable them depend on themselves on providing their life costs especially the families that consist of large of members.

Tens of Palestinian families applied for getting this chance to develop their micro projects, but after filtering all applications by depending on logical case studies and families situations, Rowad society selected 7 cases to be the beneficiaries from the project, since the amount of loan for one project not exceed USD 2500.

1. Clothes shops (USD 2500) - North of Gaza City.
2. Library for selling stationery (USD 2500) - Nusserat camp - Middle of Gaza Strip.
3. Small Shop (USD 2000) - North of Gaza City.
4. Small Shop (USD 2500) - North of Gaza City.
5. Small car for selling cleaning materials - East of Gaza City.
6. Small Shop (USD 2500) - Gaza City.
7. Bees small farm (USD2500) - Khanuness - south of Gaza Strip.

" Poor Families Box "

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Viva Palestine Malaysia and Rowad Society signed an agreement for implementing project No. (39/2015) "Poor Families Box" in Gaza Strip.

Poor Families Box project aims to help Palestinian poor families in providing some of their urgent needs, since the economic situation for thousands of Palestinian families in Gaza Strip is very bad, and there no incomes sources for them, so as a result for that the poor families are prevented from paying for “Renting their homes, Buying medicine, Providing baby’s needs, Providing gas cans for cooking, Providing food or transporting costs for their students to go school and universities” , so by this project VPM in cooperation with Rowad Society will try to solve some of these problems by providing for poor families some of what they need from the poor families box which will be Implemented by Rowad Society and funded by VPM office in Malaysia.

Competition in Gaza for blind people to memorize the Quran

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Sheikh Abdul Rahman Aljamal of Dar Alquraan AL Kriam had suggested we hold the first ever competition in Gaza for blind people to memorize the Quran. We had expected children and youth to participate but Alhamdulillah many blind senior citizens also came forward after hearing the announcement on the radio.

The competition was funded by private donations channeled through Viva Palestina Malaysia.

Providing 2 units of Halothane Vaporizer

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Project No: (16/2015)
Project Name: Providing 2 units of Halothane Vaporizer
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By:Palestinian Orphans house association
In cooperation with:Yafa charity hospital
Project Description: the project aims to provide two units of Halothane Vaporizer to add for Anesthesia device in surgery operating room in Yafa hospital, this gas used in anesthetic children during the surgery operations. Yafa hospital is a charity hospital works on serving poor and needy families in middle of Gaza Strip governorate at medical sector, and it running costs depends on the donation from kind people, and the medical treatment give to beneficiaries in discounted prices reach to 100%.

Distribution of Ramadan Food Baskets.

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3 July 2015

Alhamdulillah, Great Thank to Viva Palestina Donors, May Allah accept from them, and bless their kind work.

Project No: (35/2015)
Project Name: Collective Iftar in Al Aqsa area.
Targeted Group: 500 of Al Aqsa visitors and prayers.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Al Aqsa association for protecting and Maintenance of Islamic Waqf - Jerusalem.

1 July 2015

Project No: (33/2015)
Project Name: Ramadan Food Vouchers.
Targeted Group: 500 Families.
Targeted area: Ramallah & Hebron - West Bank.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Islamic charitable society - Hebron.
In cooperation with: Ramallah Zakat committee.

1 July 2015

Project No: (37/2015)
Project Name: Distribution of Ramadan Food Baskets.
Targeted Group: 250 Families of Palestinian refugees in South of Turkey.
Implemented By: Hayat Yolu - Turkey.

Viva Palestina Malaysia and Doctors worldwide Turkey signed two agreements for Implementing new projects in Gaza Strip

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Wednesday 24/06/2015

Viva Palestina Malaysia and Doctors worldwide Turkey signed two agreements for Implementing new projects in order to help and support wounded persons and persons with disability in Gaza Strip, since DWWT will establish new center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for wounded persons in khannunes governorate - south of Gaza Strip - which will give medical and physical treatment for wounded persons, also DWWT will start Medical Home Services for Gaza wounded persons in all Gaza Strip which will provide the wounded persons health rehabilitation services at their homes, since Viva Palestina Malaysia will contribute by donating to cover part of salaries for projects staff for 24 months to start serving the wounded persons and providing for them the needy medical and health care.

Meanwhile Dr. Kerem kinik the chairman of DWWT thanked VPM and their Malaysian donors who contributed for these projects even they are Malaysian organizations or individual kind persons.

And in the same context the VPM representative in Palestine Mr. Hani Thraya welcomed of this invested cooperation between DWWT and VPM which will support the withstanding of Palestinian wounded persons to enable them get their needy care.

Mr. Thraya thanked DWWT staff in Turkey represented by Dr. Kerem Kinik and their office staff in Gaza Strip represented by Dr. Mohamed Al Khatieb for their great work in Palestine in supporting Medical sector.

Light A Home in Gaza Strip - Phase one

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Project No: (18/2015)
Project Name: Light A Home in Gaza Strip - Phase one
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Construction & Relief Charity Society.
Targeted Area: Gaza City.
Targeted Group: 260 of needy families .
Project Description: Providing LED system for lighting poor families homes in Gaza city during electricity power off, the LED system consists of (Battery, thin wires, 5 switches, 5 LED lights for 4 rooms and 1 for kitchen).

We ask Allah acceptance for all who donated for this project, May Allah bless their good deeds.

Developing and Rehabilitation small mosque in AL Ummah university

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Project No: (15/2015)
Project Name: Developing and Rehabilitation small mosque in AL Ummah university.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
Implemented By: Dar A/l Quran Al Karim Wa Sunnah.
In cooperation with: Engineering office in Al Ummah university
Targeted Area: Middle of Gaza Strip - Al Zahra city.
Targeted Group: Prayers from students and academic staff.

We ask Allah acceptance for all who donated for this project, May Allah bless their good deeds.


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Our annual campaign is back: "RAMADAN FOOD BASKETS for PALESTINE"  @RM150 (+/- US$40) per family.

You may contribute ANY amount to:

"PERTUBUHAN VIVA PALESTINA MALAYSIA" Account no : 5-64324-601324 Bank : Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) Swift Code : MBBEMYKL Bank address : Block C, Damansara Offices Complex, Jalan Dungun, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For e-receipt, please email your name and amount donated to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Campaign ends on 10 July 2015