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Micro Financing for poor families in Gaza

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Project 02/2016
Micro Financing for poor families in Gaza.

Viva Palestina Malaysia  continued her signature micro-credit financing to more  deserving beneficiaries. Most of them are women.  

This is the 6th year of micro-financing in Gaza & West Bank. The sum disbursed  is about USD 2K per project which enhances the family's economic status.

Many are able to begin payback after 6 months of implementation!

Thank you to all donors who have contributed towards this  noble effort towards financial independency & sustainability.

Keep Them Warm II

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Project No. 01/2016
"Keep them warm II"

Funded By: Viva Palestine Malaysia.
Implemented By: Rowad Society & Gaza Society for relief labor.

Project Description: To provide heavy blankets and children's coats for poor and homeless families, to protect them from the blistering cold winter in east Gaza (Shujayia & Al Zitoon)

Our sincere thanks to all VPM donors who contributed to this winter relief project.

Providing partial scholarships to university students at Gaza Strip

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Project No. (43-B/2015)
Providing partial scholarships to university students at Gaza Strip, to enable them to continue their higher education in the first semester (2015/2016).

In collaboration with University College of Applied Sciences UCAS, and supervised by Palestine Aid Society.

The event took place in the rehabilitated UCAS HQ building that was attacked in the 2014 war by the Israeli army.

This is part of VPM project No. 43/2015 - Providing Partial scholarships for poor Palestinian students in 4 universities in Gaza Strip - IUG,AZU,UCAS and QOU.

Our sincere thanks to all the VPM donors who contributed to this educational project for Palestinian students, and we hope to assist more  students in the upcoming semester to complete their university studies.

Adopt A Hafiz - 3rd Year

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From Engineer Hani Thuraya VPM rep in Gaza:
I am very proud of receiving this memento on behalf of my brothers and sisters in Muslim Professionals (MPF) Malaysia & the many Malaysians who funded this Adopt A Hafiz Program - third year running.

Presented by Dr. Abed Al Rahman Al Jamal DQWS chairman & Dr. Ahamd Bahar the first deputy to president of Palestinian legislative council.

May Allah accept all your deeds and bless you infinitely on judgment day.    



In the third year of this "Adopt A Hafiz" Program in collaboration with Aqsa Syarif & MyCare, about RM600K was spent sponsoring students which also meant we created jobs for teachers who were either bread winners or had to pay their uni fees.

Alhamdulillah! this year we graduated 84 full Hafiz for 30 verses of al Quran in two years under our fund and 800 other huffaz for partial parts from 12-29 juz.

Inshallah you will all enjoy the opportunity to adopt a hafiz when we next appeal for funding in the first quarter of 2016.

Thank you all yet again

Our children, the Huffaz. Allah bless!

The Huffaz waving Malaysian flags!


As book prizes the Huffaz were awarded US30.00 incentives.

MPF/Aqsa Syarif/MyCare now has 900 students in this project.

Let us all make them huffaz within the stipulated 4 year period and enjoy the blessings too !

VPM funding medical equipments & medicines for Palestinian medical NGOs

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A quadripartite collaboration between:
1 As-Salama Rehabilitation Society
2 Kia Ora Gaza (New Zealand)
3 Doctors World Wide (Turkey)
4  VPM

Providing rehab services to disabled children and creating "disable friendly ambience" in home, schools and the special child's immediate environment.

This will be a major focus for fund raising in 2016.

Engineer Hani Thuraya, VPM rep in Palestine.


Medical projects by providing medical equipment and medicines for their charitable hospitals

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Viva Palestine Malaysia (VPM) and Arab Medical Union (AMU) office in Gaza City signed 4 agreements with 4 medical NGOs in Gaza Strip to start new medical projects by providing medical equipment and medicines for their charitable hospitals.

It aims to develop the health sector in Palestine in cooperation with medical NGOs by enabling them to provide healthcare for impoverished Palestinian people in Gaza Strip. It is funded by VPM and supervised by AMU, and will be managed by:
1. Assalamah Charitable Society.
2. Yafa Hospital.
3. Al Karamah Hospital.
4. Public Aid Hospitals group.

Our sincere thanks to all VPM donors who contributed to these medical projects.

Providing partial scholarship

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Project No.(43-A/2015).

Providing partial scholarships for university students at Gaza Strip, to enable them continuing their high education in first semester (2015/2016), in Cooperation with Islamic university of Gaza - IUG, and supervised by Palestine Aid Society.

This event was implemented in IUG HQ building that was attacked directly on 2014 war by Israeli army after partially rehabilitation.

Great thanks for VPM donors who contributed for this important project for Palestinian students.

Rehabilitation poor families houses

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Al hamdulelah Palestinian Orphans house Society (POHS) has finished project No.(25/2015) which helped 8 of poor families by rehabilitation their homes.

This project was funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia and Mercy Malaysia foundation, so would like to thank all people who contributed and donated to implement this important project in Gaza Strip.

Project No: (25/2015)
Project Name: Rehabilitation poor families houses.
Funded By: Viva Palestina Malaysia.
In cooperation with: Engineering office in Al Ummah university
Targeted Area: Middle of Gaza Strip Governorate.
Targeted Group: 8 of Palestinian poor families.
Project Description: This project aimed to restore and maintain 8 houses of poor families, Targeted beneficiaries are selected according to special criteria. Then price offers prepared and awarded. The maintenance process started after that in order to rehabilitate the houses to become habitable. The maintenance process included the restoration of kitchens and bathrooms, painting and tiling works and maintenance of doors and windows as the need for each house. The project will produce health and comfort houses which will become habitable for at least 20 years.

2015 Winter Project: Let's help keep them warm

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There are 500 families at Al-Yarmouk camp, Syria, who face a tough winter without electricity and running water. There are hundreds of families in Gaza still homeless after the Zionist aggression last summer.

Please join us in our campaign to provide them with blankets, heaters and warming clothing. Bank details given in the poster and on our website vpm.org.my.

Thanks Ezz Al Zanoon for the photo.