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Pre Publicity for KLPFF2014

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Pre KLPFF publicity and press conference to introduce and promote KLPFF2014 was held on 2 Sept 2014 with Yuzaidi Yusoff, VPM media maestro and our lovely guests Ms Yasmine Perni, Ms Laila el- Haddad n Ms Sameeha Elwan. John Hirsch from the Wall Street Journal interviewed Yasmine Perni, the Italian film maker whose movie The Stones Cry Out about Christians in Palestine sufffering under the occupation will be screened at the KLPFF2014.

Laila introduced The Gaza Kitchen which will be available for sale at KLPFF 2014.
It was a good event and the women from VPM and the women guests of VPM stood in solidarity with Palestine.
you can read NST coverage on KLPFF2014 at: http://www.nst.com.my/node/29501?m=1
More interviews live on TV on MHI and ffor article in Life & Times NST
There was a good interview on BFM and you may listen to interview here: 


PC5.sm PC16 PC13 PC11 IKIM interview on 1 Sept 2014 BFM1 MHI1  Life TimesMHI4
Interesting article in The Edge on the documentary 'The Stones Cry Out' to be screened at KLPFF2014 : http://www.theedgemalaysia.com/lifestyle/305619-film-a-film-festival-with-a-cause.html
The Stones Cry Out

Donations from Public

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VPM has been receiving many requests from the public to help us raiseawareness and funds for Palestine. Sekolah Menengah Katholik is holding an awareness talk and fund raising on 11 August, Sharizan Ahmad from Kuching and a group of his university friends will be making these wristbands to sell and proceeds will go to VPM others like Mariam (who runs Malaysia Life Line for Syria) has collected from family members in Singapore RM10,000+. VPM has collected about RM100,000+ from Singapore. There are too many generous contributors to name all here. To ALL who have donated to VPM, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we pray to the Almighty to reward all of you abundantly for your generosity. 

Catholic School  wristband From Singapore  Catholic school2

  photo 3  rubber loomsSK setiawangsa2 SK Setiawangsa3 SK Setiawangsa4 SK Setiwangsa1

Sekolah Kebangsaan Setiawagsa did an awareness and donation drive for Gaza. 


Collection from the efforts of the chidren from Sekolah Kebangsaan Sri Hartamas. That was a huge amount they collected, Alhamdulillah.

rumah solehah




 Kids from Rumah Solehah made these bracelets and they want to sell and give the        proceeds to VPM. 







photo 1sm 10459067 10203326034404056 7283978077552436187 o photo 3 1sm photo 4 2sm 

The special edition Save Gaza card from Touch n Go  -  RM 100,500 raised in a month from the sale of the cards.






Continuing Appeal

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SaveTheChildrenOfGaza ePoster 060814a

We have so far sent USD 175,000 to Gaza for food and medical relief. We have funded amongst others, water in tankers to UN schools, hot meals for iftar and suhoor, diapers, baby milk, mattresses, blankets and truck load of medical supplies via Arab Medical Union and now, we are in the process of buying 4 ambulances. 

Our strength is that we respond quickly and we give food and water when the big NGOs hadn't moved in yet and now we are moving towards bigger things as big as NGOS like Red Cross have stepped in.


blanket3 blanket4  water11  water13  FimaDoc5  FimaDoc3

Our partners Doctors World Wide (DWW) Turkey in collaboration with the MOH Turkey are enroute to Gaza via Tel Aviv.

Our FiMA think tank member & CEO of DWW Dr. Kerem informs us that he and Prof. Orhan also from DWWT are at the airport on their way to Gaza via Tel Aviv. They are boarding  an air ambulance of MOH of Turkey.

This is our third FIMA Medical mission in partnership with our associates. The first being 8 Sudanese and second 5 Palestinian doctors.

The following have been lined up for upcoming missions. They will spend 10-14 days in Gaza in sequence. Thus Gaza will have a continuos presence of our best FIMA doctors.

1 Arab Med Union AMU
2 Islamic Med Assoc North America IMANA
3 Saudi team
4 Pakistan IMA
5 IMA Malaysia
6 IMA Bangladesh
7 Team Jordan

This was the decision we made @ Arusha Tanzania on 7-8 Aug at our FIMA council meeting with all our affiliates & global partners. May Allah bless this global partnership of minds & hearts of our Muslim medical fraternity.

Kindly accompany them with your doa that this third mission helps to relieve the injured people of Gaza and flies the sickest out for expert surgical & medical attention.
Fima Child1  FimaChild2  FimaDoc7  FimaDoc6

12 August 2014Dr Kerem DWW Turkey reports from air ambulance airlifting injured patients "Yesterday we sent 4 heavy cases, today we are trying to send 8 more. We are awaiting for Palestinian authority in West Bank to issue them passports. We are still waiting for 88 emergency patient's official travel documents from PA in West Bank.

The wounded children in picture above are in A Quds awaiting transfer.
Dr Kerem adds "Our Minister of Foreign Affairs is calling up Abbas to  speed up the process"
Attached an article in Turkish paper Daily Sabah on cooperation between DWW and FIMA:
Alhamdulillah, this is truly a formidable partnership of 19 global relief bodies  cooperating for a common cause.

 Medical supply to Salam Soc thru Mapin 
MAPIN delivering medical supply from VPM to Salam Society in Gaza
FimaDoc8 FimaDoc10

14 August 2014 - 29 wounded Gazans now being transferred via Erez Checkpoint to Ben Gurion Airport.

Pictures attached. Imagine only a 4 member team of DWW & MOH Turkey doing an awesome & marvelous job.

I have my misgivings of big number teams entering Gaza. In our FIMA plan of action at most 5-10 surgeons are deployed at any one time. But ensuring a team always present in Gaza.

A 65 member team is undoubtedly a logistic nightmare for food stricken and shelter deprived Gaza. Besides if bombing resumes Gazans would sacrifice their own lives to shelter the relief team members - the Gaza hospitality is unparalleled despite their poor circumstances. We should not further burden our Gazan hosts.

Till time of reporting Malaysian team yet to receive clearance from
Egyptian authorities. Team Malaysia has been told to downsize from 65 to 20!

Many patients could not get proper medical treatment because of the lack of medical devices and consumables like orthopedic fixators.

 VPM.Med.Truck1 VPM.Med.Truck3

6 trucks funded by the AMU/FIMA initiative entered Gaza. It was filled with medical & surgical supplies worth $200K. 20 Islamic Medical Associations, charity & relief NGOs from Egypt, Malaysia, USA, Turkey, Pakistan, New Zealand, Qatar, South Africa, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia contributed to this initiative since the entry of the first convoy on 12 July 2014.

This is the 4th from the AMU/FIMA convoy to enter Gaza.
Four ambulances have been donated to the MOH Gaza. 4 have been cleared by the Egyptian authorities and 12 are awaiting intelligence clearance. It is a laborious process where many other NGOs have failed and joined our AMU/FIMA initiative!

This is the blessing of team work & international collaboration.


 VPM's Gaza Relief Projects so far this summer of 2014

Gaza Relief projects


Donation from MBSB

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Alhamdulillah!  this was a very good afternoon! Collected RM100,00 donation from Malaysian Building Society Berhad during MBSB Open House event and Puan Azlina, the Public Relations manager of MBSB went round the corporate guests and received pledges of a further RM 130,000 from them.

3  2  1  News coverage



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Peaceful Rally

Saturday 2nd August 2014
3 - 4.30pm
Dataran Merdeka
Organized by Viva Palestina Malaysia and Aqsa Syarif

The situation in Gaza worsens by the day.

The Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) has been brutal and unrelenting in their bombings. Grim and gruesome pictures of the dead, wounded, maimed and disfigured flood the media daily. Innocent women and children cut down mercilessly – at the playground, on the beach, at the market, hospitals, schools, in their homes and while cuddled in each others’ arms, seeking safety. But even the Secretary General of the UN admits, “no place is safe in Gaza.”

The world is outraged at this blatant violation of human rights and shocked into action. Thousands continue to fill the streets of London, Washington, Auckland, Sydney, The Hague, Paris, New York, Mumbai, Amsterdam, Durban, Toronto, Singapore and more. Their demand – Stop the Massacre and Free Palestine.

Civil societies from every country and faith are standing in solidarity with the Palestinians.

This is the new super power. PEOPLE POWER.

Fellow Malaysians! Let us demonstrate our nation’s condemnation of the genocide in Gaza. Express our outrage at the holocaust unfolding before our very eyes.

Join our peaceful rally this Saturday.

We call on Malaysians and everyone else, from all walks of life, race, culture, religion and politics to unite and show


Backdrop  chants

 photo 7  photo 1 1  photo 6

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2



IMG 2410  IMG 2377  IMG 2630  IMG 2378 IMG 2632  IMG 2385  IMG 2438 IMG 2637  IMG 2384  IMG 2614  IMG 2638  IMG 2652  IMG 2389 IMG 2446  IMG 2388  IMG 2445 IMG 2626  IMG 2402  IMG 2505  IMG 2422  IMG 2424  IMG 2421  IMG 2436  IMG 2487  IMG 2390  IMG 2668 IMG 2665  IMG 2650

IMG 2618





Gaza under Attack yet again!!!

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5th day of providing water for schools. Without electricity in the Gaza strip, the government cannot provide water to houses or schools. So it has become necessary for VPM to provide water.

water tank 3  water tank 4

UPDATE 31 JULY 2014 / 4 SHAWAL 1435

Despite all the bombings, your contribution to VPM are getting directly to the people Alhamdulillah. Here are the latest pictures, received. Hot meals and food baskets for the displaced in Jabaliya, north of Gaza strip. Some are seeking shelter at UN schools, others with their relatives. Each meal contains 600gm rice, 1.5kg chicken and laban or yoghurt.We are also working in Beit Lahia, Sheik Redwan and Al Zaitun, and inshaa Allah will be able to reach people in Deir Balah soon.

food dist3 food dist1 food dist5 food dist2


UPDATE 30 JULY 2014 / 3 SHAWAL 1435





A delegation of doctors from Sudan was allowed into Gaza. They are part of the International Red Cross Society and was allowed in after an SOS plea by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society. Let us pray & hope that more doctors will be allowed in to deal with some of the most serious and gruesome injuries and to relieve the exhausted Palestinian surgeons. Pictures to follow.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health Gaza confirmed their desperate need for ambulances. 16 ambulances were destroyed by the IOF (Israeli Occupying Forces). Viva Palestina Malaysia & Aqsa Syarif Malaysia & a philanthropist from Saudi Arabia contributed 4 ambulances each. The other 8 ambulances were funded by Islamic Medical Association (IMA) South Africa, DWW Turkey and other IMAs. These 20 ambulances will be transferred ASAP via both checkpoints in Rafah & Israel.

Five WHO health Kits, weighing 5,000 kg which have the capacity to treat 50,000 patients over a period of 3 months was airlifted by IMA North America a few days ago. It is in Cairo awaiting transfer in the next convoy, Inshallah.


Dr Ashraf Jedaar (+27836754103)

Director, FIMA Relief


Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin (+6012-3200564)

Chairman, FIMA Advisory Council / Viva Palestina Malaysia



sudanese doctor1 sudanese doctor2





Latest Updates and Needs from Gaza

  • 1053 Palestinians have been Martyred ( 219 child, 5 with disability, 107 women, 48 elders) since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza, of whom Most of them are civilians, more than 6000 wounded (1900 children,1600 women, 305 elders)
  • In another grave crime, Israeli forces killed 20 members of one family, including 11 children and 5 women, when an Israeli warplane bombarded their house in KhanYounis.
  • Before humanitarian ceasefire ended, medical crews have been able to recover bodies of 147 Palestinians, most of them children, who were killed by Israeli forces in the past days.  Israeli forces also attacked medical crews, killing 2 paramedics and wounding 4 others.  Thus, the number of medical personnel killed Israeli forces during this offensive has amounted to 7, and 16 ones have been wounded.
  •  Due the ongoing Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip number of Homes fully destroyed or severely damaged are 5160 house, also 22,000 house damaged partially in Gaza directly displacing thousands of people every minute.  
  • 150 schools and 160 service and public facilities in Gaza have sustained damage.
  • 67 Masjids in Gaza were damaged ( 3 fully damaged)
  • 7 NGOS HQ were destroyed
  • 40 boats for fish men were destroyed
  • Initial reports about 3 Billion is the Economic sector loss in Gaza 
  • Thereare now 149,000 displaced persons seeking refuge in 92 UNRWA shelters and 70,000 in their relatives houses.
  • 900,000 People at risk of losing access to water supply
  • 80% of population receives electricity 3 hours a day
  • The Gaza Power Plant was shelled for the third time tonight, causing shut-down of the plant
  • 25%Of all WASH facilities have no electricity due to damage to electricity lines and transformers
  • 35,605 individuals whose shelters were totally destroyed or sustained major structural damage need emergency NFI kits including mattresses, blankets, hygiene kits, and kitchen sets. In the medium term, they will need cash assistance to cover rental fees and basic household items.
  • NFI emergency shelter repair interventions such as nylon and tarpaulin are needed for about 3380 families (23,400 individuals) whose homes sustained damage but are still inhabitable. Another 151,800 individuals living in slightly affected houses (broken windows and/or damaged doors) need NFI assistance such as nylon and plastic sheets.
  • Massive shortage in drugs and disposables (28 and 54 per cent respectively) at Gaza Hospitals hinders Ministry of Health’s (MoH) ability to deliver health services. Gaza requires US4 3.2 million monthly to secure the needed drugs and disposables.
  • Urgent need for psycho-tropic drugs, especially emergency drug kits to use for patients with mental illness who have relapses and families in especially severe circumstances of forced displacement, trauma and anxiety.
  • Eight anesthesia machines, 10 ventilators, 5 electrosurgical units, 20 vital sign monitors, ECG machines, 5 defibrillator machines urgently needed.
  • There is also a need for fuel as the hospitals are consuming a lot of fuel to run the hospitals basic operations.
  • Shifa hospital urgently needs neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, plastic and general surgeons, and orthopedic specialists, as well as 20 ICU beds, a digital C-ARM machine for orthopedic surgeries, three operation tables and a lighting system for the five operation rooms
  • More than 219,000 IDPs hosted at UNRWA shelters, public schools and other facilities, with host families or in open spaces are in need of emergency food assistance.
  • Farmers, breeders and fishermen’s livelihoods are heavily compromised. Although a comprehensive picture of exact needs is not yet available, animal feed for 3,000 herders is needed to avoid further loss of livestock and erosion of livelihoods.
  • More than 219,000 IDPs hosted at UNRWA shelters, public schools, with host families or in open spaces, as well as communities disconnected from the municipal water supply need water for drinking and domestic use.
  • An estimated 1.2 million people have no or very limited access to water or sanitation services due to damage to the electricity system or lack of fuel to run generators to power WASH facilities.
  • 15 wells and six sewage pumping stations are not operating. Less than half of the required amount of water is being pumped, according to the Municipality of Gaza.
  • Deir al Balah Desalination Plant cannot produce enough water to serve people in the Middle Area due to shortage of fuel and electricity outage (3hrs/day).
  • There is urgent need for 10,000 litre of fuel for two municipal wells in Az Zawayda, as a high tension transformer feeding the wells has been destroyed, and the other two wells are operating through generators.
  • Several areas are experiencing sewage flooding, in particular in Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya, posing public health hazards
  • WASH facilities east of Salah ad Din road and in north Gaza (both areas in the new three km no-go zone) have not been accessible for repairs, while also likely to be inaccessible to water trucking due to the unsafe security situation.



Nonfood item and shelter



Food Assistant

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)




Once more, Gazan civilians are being made to pay the price of war. After a crippling blockade and successive attacks, 1.8 million Gazans are even more defenseless and vulnerable. Give to provide medical assistance, to repair homes, to feed and provide shelter.

US$ 30 gives counseling to a traumatized child

US$ 40 will feed a person two meals for a week

US$ 149 provides a family with mattresses, blankets and a sleeping mat US$ 1080 feeds a family in Gaza for a month

US$ 50 Sponsorship of Orphan

US$ 250 Home rent family per month  




MOH in Gaza

UN twitter account

Collected By: Mohammad Y. Hasna


Alhamdulillah our goods arrived in gaza. With dr khamis in black shirt. These are the medicines donated by our partner in the FIMA group Mercy Malaysia.

Medical Aid




UPDATE 29 RAMADHAN 1435 / 27 JULY 2014



Alhamdulillah! Our second AMU/FIMA convoy of 16 trucks carrying USD 500K worth of medicines and surgical supplies entered Gaza at 0125 hours 27 Ramadhan 1435. The first also an AMU/FIMA convoy entered on the 5th day of the genocide, on 15 Ramadhan 1435 / 13 July 2014.

So you can rest assured that all your contributions have seen its passage into the Central Medical Stores of the Ministry of Health Gaza to replenish the fast depleting supplies due to the increasing reports of mortalities and injuries. Apart from medical & surgical supplies our next convoy would also include 20 new ambulances required urgently by the MOH and is expected to cost us USD 800K.

The death toll is fast exceeding 1,000 people (40% children and women) and in excess of 5,000 wounded. The collateral damage among the civilian population is unacceptable. This genocidal madness must stop!

In an open letter to the Lancet (23 July 2014) 24 doctors and scientists who have worked in and known the situation of Gaza for years have written “… on the basis of our ethics and practice, we are denouncing what we witness in the aggression of Gaza by Israel …” You can join the campaign and sign the petition at:


Sir Ian charmers, amongst the pioneers of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) has been consistent in his condemnation of the complicity of the Israel Medical Association (IMA) in the torture of Palestinian prisoners. With 700 others he petitioned for the removal of IMA from the World Medical Association.

Derek Summefield, a South African knows first hand the pain and suffering of Apartheid.

Ang Swee Chai, a Malaysian orthopod, witnessed Shabra Shatila first hand, the massacre of Palestinians under the watch of Ariel Sharon in 1982. Read her book. “From Beirut to Jerusalem”.

Prof Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian, is presently in the thick of the massacre in Gaza, and you may have read his letter and impassioned plea to the US president; “Mr. Obama - do you have a heart? I invite you - spend one night - just one night - with us in Shifa. Disguised as a cleaner, maybe. I am convinced, 100%, it would change history. Nobody with a heart AND power could ever walk away from a night in Shifa without being determined to end the slaughter of the Palestinian people.”
Let us all do our little humanitarian duty and act within our circle of influence. Spread the word.

To add insult to injury, sixty-four public figures, including seven Nobel Peace Prize winners, published a letter in the British Guardian newspaper calling for an international arms embargo on Israel for its "war crimes and possible crimes against humanity" in Gaza.


Concurrently, whilst continuing to heal the wounded and relieving their injured psyche, our workers on the ground in Gaza, the likes of Hani Thuraya (VPM representative), Ahmad Thabet (Aqsa Syarif representative) etal are feeding the poor, sheltering the homeless, supplying tanks of clean water, delivering baby diapers, comforting bereaved families etc.

A more mammoth task awaits us when a ceasefire is declared and with our partners we have to strategize a blue print of action to tackle the economic issues of massive unemployment, sheltering the homeless, feeding the poor, scholarship programs for the students, equipping their educational institutions, financial independency programs for the widows or women whose husbands are prisoners in Israel and rehabilitate the Gaza economy.

We and our partners have an excellent infrastructure in both Gaza & West Bank with our continued presence there since 2009. This also opens the opportunity and space for all who had planned to enter Gaza during the acute phase but failed, since priority is for the medical professionals to contribute to the mid and long term nation building of Gaza.

Please continue to raise funds for the beleaguered medical, educational, housing and economic infrastructure of Gaza.

All forms of generous contributions are acceptable including Zakat & Sadaqah. Kindly find our banking details, for your banking convenience as attached below. Kindly email your corporate logo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for our display banners on the trucks.

May Allah reward you all abundantly for your prayers and contributions during this blessed month of Ramadhan.

Dr Ashraf Jedaar (+27836754103)
Director, FIMA Relief

A/C Name: FIMA
Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa
Constantia branch: 025309
A/C No: 071848770

Dato’ Dr Musa Mohd Nordin (+6012-3200564)
Chairman, FIMA Advisory Council / Viva Palestina Malaysia
Bank: Malayan Banking Berhad
Block C, Damansara Offices Complex, Jalan Dungun, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Account no : 5-64324-601324
Swift Code : MBBEMYKL


UPDATE 28 RAMADHAN 1435 / 26 JULY 2014

200 mattresses and blankets were distributed by VPM to 4 non UN schools in Sheik Redwan.




The aftermath after the destruction of Shijaeeya East Gaza. The Zionists has completely wiped out and flattened the entire area. The last picture shows what the area looked like before the destructioin.

Shijaeya 2 Shijaeya 1 Shijaeya4 Shijaeya6 shijaeya10









For close to 70 years, Israel has been violating the rights of the Palestinians with impunity. Denied their right to freedom and self-determination and subjected to ethnic cleansing and systematic discrimination. Today the world watches in horror at the genocide taking place in Gaza.

But in spite of its glaring brutal oppression of the Palestinians, Israel has hardly been rebuked, let alone held accountable for its crimes against humanity.

This led to a call by Palestinian civil societies to boycott, divest from and sanction Israel or BDS. That was 2005, nearly ten years ago. Today BDS Israel is a global movement, spanning the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

What are the aims of BDS. Contrary to popular belief, it is more than just economics.


A Campaign of Isolation


BDS sends a clear message to the Israeli government that it is a rogue state not welcome anywhere until it recognizes the Palestinians right to self determination and fully complies with international laws. It involves isolating Israel culturally, academically and economically.


A Political Statement


BDS is a political statement that says, “I don’t consume these products because it is morally and ethically wrong.”  It empowers consumers and reminds them that as individuals they have a choice. It is about standing in solidarity with a people under occupation for more than 60 years.


Creates Awareness


BDS creates awareness and is a reminder of the long and brutal occupation the Palestinians have been living under. Each time we see the brands or companies targeted, we will remember the occupation. Each time a consumer reaches out for Nestle, McDonalds, L’Oreal or Coke, he will picture the oppression of the Palestinians.


Applying Pressure


BDS is about pressuring businesses to cease their relationship or change their business policies with a government that violates the rights of an entire people. 

BDS Israel is now a global movement that involves Nobel Laureates, academicians, poets, musicians, artists, award winning journalists. It includes universities, churches, student bodies, businesses and even the government of South Africa. This is a call to stop this bully through peaceful, non violent means.


Are we strong enough to be effective?


Boycott South Africa started in the 1950s and was the idea of a small group of activists. It took decades but eventually almost the entire world stood united and brought an end to South Africa’s racist government.

Can we do it again?

In unity lies our strength. Do not make the mistake of doing nothing just because we think we can only do little. Just do what we can. Let us each act within our circle of influence.

We boycott because it is morally and ethically the right thing to do.


We call on you to be a part of this global movement, a part of the new super power called PEOPLE POWER.

We call on you to Boycott Israel



UPDATE 26 JUL 2014

Two convoys one from Cairo and another from Alexandria, totalling 16 trucks left for Rafah yesterday morning. No medical personnel were allowed to cross and the goods were handed over to the Gazan staff at the crossing. Alhamdulillah the supplies worth about USD 500,000 have now reached the Ministry Of Health Gaza stores for onward distribution to hospitals in Gaza.

Allahu Akbar!
AMU, PIMA, IMAE, VPM, Aqsa Syarif, IMAM, IMANA, DWW Turkey, Pakistan IMA, Al Khidmat Pakistan, IMASA, Gift of Givers, IMANI, IMA Jordan, IMAKSA, IMA Qatar, Ikram Health, Mercy Malaysia and all the other affiliates of FIMA etal. You guys made it happen. Where governments have failed, you guys succeeded. Allah chose you bros & sis to serve our beleaguered nation of Palestine. In this blessed month may you all be blessed eternally. This is a most remarkable display of international collaboration of our medical fraternity, donors, charitable org etc. We thank all our partners and generous donors, individuals & corporate org who funded the gift of medicines and surgical supplies. There is much more to do. Let us all work harder to treat the injured, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and help rebuild Gaza. End the occupation & free Palestine. Jzkk from Dr Jedaar FIMA Relief, Dr Musa FIMA/VPM, Dr Ismail Chairman IMANA.

 16MedTrucks1 16MedTrucks2 


UPDATE 25 JUL 2014

This was during yesterday's Friday Prayers, the last one this Ramadan at Masjid Wilayah and Masjid Negara. The outpouring generosity for the people of Gaza was amazing. People just gave and VPM collected more than RM30,000 from donation and sales. May the Almighty reward all the generous donors abundantly for their generosity. This collection could not have been done without the help of a very enthusiastic team of volunteers and the people from Touch and Go helping to also promote the cause.

photo 3 2sm photo 1 2sm

photo 5 5sm photo 4 5sm

photo 2 photo 1

photo 1 3sm photo 4 2sm


UPDATE 24 JUL 2014

Distribution of baby diapers and toiletries to mothers sheltering at UN schools.
VPM is also providing water tanks for drinking and washing to 8 schools for the next 5 days, a total of 350 tanks.
Inshaallah we are distributing 100 suhoor meals today through Rowad society

In response to the dastardly attack on Gaza, VPM is chanelling all our resources into providing food, medical and other essentials to the beleaguered people of Gaza. Aid includes mattresses and blankets for those whose homes are now rubble.

Humanity has once again opened up their hearts and funds have been pouring in. Here are some pictures of the aid being delivered.

Do note that our team in Gaza sometimes work under threat of Israeli fire.

diaperwater1 diaperwater2


water tank 1 water tank 2


A local school, Sekolah Menengah Sri Hartamas held a Palestine awareness week with a picture exhibition and donation drive for VPM's Gaza Relief Fund.
VPM collected RM 8800 in donations and their sales totalled RM 2850.
  The following day on Friday, some of the school kids continued with the donation drive at Bukit Damansara mosque and collected another RM2000+

School1 school8 school2 school7 school9 school10 school12 school13 school11 

UPDATE 23 JUL 2014

The Iftar at Al Aqsa on 20th Ramadan. VPM has included Al Quds in this year's Ramadan food program. We sent USD 5,000 earlier for food baskets for the poor using the food basket project. The iftar for the murabitun (people who guard Al Aqsa) and the congregation was funded by private donors via VPM. About 600 people attended and the cost was USD 5,000. May Allah protect Al Aqsa from the Zionists.

AlAqsa4 AlAqsa2 AlAqsa5 AlAqsa7

UPDATE 22 JUL 2014

Alhamdulillah today VPM is providing hot iftar meals of chicken and rice to 1800 people sheltering at the UN schools in Sheikh Raedwan and Alnasser Street, Gaza.

Iftar1 Iftar2 Iftar3 Iftar4

UPDATE 21 JUL 2014

Launch of the special' SaveGaza' edition of the Touch n Go card . Thanks to Karim Lassim and the Touch n Go team for initiating this fantastic fundraising effort for our Gaza Relief fund. The poignant photo of the boy with the Palestinian flag on Hamdi Aburahma's Facebook page have been used with his kind permission.

TnG3 TnG2

TnG4 TnG5


Publicity1 Publicity2 publicity3 Publicity6 Publicity7 publicity4  Publicity8sm TnG6 publicity9 publicity11

A POEM by an 18 year old girl trying to make sense of this inhumane attack on Gaza


UPDATE 12 Jul 2014

Despite the attack, we managed to pack food for the poor and affected people in Gaza. This is from our earlier collection.

 10488254 10152564212060730 6960778658614173441 n 10436158 10152564212905730 3265665623035875513 n

10547518 10152564212015730 5151441109760719684 n 10437608 10152564212825730 4323577405118242731 n


In addition to food, VPM will now include Medical Aid with the balance of the collection that are pouring in from our generous donors.

VPM will be purchasing 2 Medical Kits as follows

The Interagency Emergency Health Kit 2011 (IEHK-WHO)
Medicines and medical devices for 10 000 people for approximately three months (WHO)
Reliable, standardized, affordable and quickly available source of the essential medicines and medical devices (renewable and equipment) urgently needed in a disaster situation. Its content is based on the health needs of 10 000 people for a period of three months.
It cost  USD 11,800 per kit delivered to Cairo
Can go out in 48hrs
Dr Ismail Chairman IMA North America IMANA has requested a quote for air lift to al-Ariesh, which is 1 hour from rafah!

The FIMA medical team is awaiting clearance from Egypt to enter Rafah with these kits ready to go inshallah.

Contributions thus far:
1 IMANA - 2 kits
2 VPM - 2 kits
3 Al-Khidmat Pakistan - 1 kit


13 Ramadhan 1435 / 11 July 2014

On the morning of 8 July 2014, Israel unleashed yet another sequel of attacks on Gaza - Operation Protective Edge. Like its predecessor, Operation Cast Lead (2008/2009) and Operation Pillar of Defence (2012), these acts of genocide are reminiscent of the manner in which the state of Israel was born.

Violent inhuman atrocities and a militaristic policy of ethnic cleansing of the Israeli Occupying Forces (IOF) was the backdrop to the declaration of the state of Israel on 14 May 1948. The IOF acquired 78% of Palestine, expelled 750,000 Palestinians and destroyed 400 Palestinian villages. A catastrophe of monumental proportions for the indigenous Palestinians – the Nakba.

The unabated aggression of the IOF continues today with further confiscation of Palestinian land for Jewish settlements and the occupation of Jerusalem. The entire population of Gaza is now terrorised by widespread, incessant and indiscriminate bombings. In defence and resistance to the occupation, the Palestinians are firing Qassam rockets on the cities of Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, totally unanticipated by the IOF. Though of varying proportions, both the Israeli and Palestinian people are paying a heavy price, as a consequence of the "occupation mind-set" of the Zionist leadership.

The Israeli government continues to invite world scorn in its despicable treatment of the Palestinians and this latest incident is another ghastly and cowardly stain on its appalling human rights record. The racist, immoral and illegitimate actions of Israel have turned it into a rogue nation and increased its political isolation in the global community.

Where super powers have failed the Palestinians, civil society has responded with vigour and outrage to say "Enough is Enough". There is a worldwide campaign to put pressure on Israel to abide by international law.


1. URGE the world community and civil society to recognize that since the creation of Israel in 1948, the Palestinians have been forcibly and continually evicted from their homes and denied their right of a dignified return to their homeland.

2. URGE the United Nations to rein in Israel to embrace the "Hudna" (Truce Plan) which stipulates her withdrawal to the border prior to June 1967 (UN Resolution 242/1967) and honour the right of return of the Palestinians as guaranteed by the UN (Resolution 194 iii/1949 - Palestinian Right of Return to their homeland).

3. URGE the United Nations to force Israel to end the occupation of Palestine, and value the well-being of both Israelis and Palestinians and their peaceful co-existence.

4. URGE world governments to offer humanitarian aid to the Palestinian government in a show of solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine.


1. CONDEMN in the strongest possible term the latest campaign of aggression and genocide by Israel.

2. URGE the United Nations to do everything possible to immediately end the wanton killings of innocent Palestinians and destruction of their infrastructure.

3. SUPPORT any move by the Government of Malaysia to champion the Palestinian cause in their quest for freedom, justice and self-determination

4. ENJOIN peace loving Malaysians to contribute generously to the rehabilitation and recovery of the Palestinian people and state.

Dato Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Chairman, Viva Palestina Malaysia

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VPM at the Press Conference organised by Aqsa Syariff on 11 July 2014


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This summer camp organized by Dar Al Quran Wal Sunnah (DQWS) in Gaza, Palestine teaches blind children from the School of Hope and Light to memorize the Quran. Their hope is to strengthen the hearts and minds of these children to help them cope with their disability and the adversities of life under occupation.

This is the third year they are running this program following from the success of previous years. The first camp started with 40 children then it increased to 50 in the following year and this year VPM managed to raise funds for 60 children.
This year's camp opened on 7th June. May Allah reward all those who contributed to sponsoring the children at this camp.

Mr. Mhamoud Khass the general manager of DQWS mentioned that the last two camps had achieved big success because some of the students memorized more than 10 parts of the Quran. Khass explained that " DQWS made a plan to develop the camp further this year by including new subjects such as " Tajweed Rules course and Memorizing the 40 Hadiths of Sheik AL Nawawi" in order to develop further the performance of blind students in the camp, he also said " the blind students compete with the sighted students in memorizing the Quran and sometimes the blind can memorize more than the sighted because the blind student have stronger Intuition and higher accuracy in memorization.

As of 3 July, Alhamdulillah, one student Mohamed Jodia has memorized 7 parts (juzuk) in the first month, while the others have memorized between 1 to 4 parts.

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The impoverished families in Gaza are living in conditions that are some of the most difficult in the world. But in spite of their extremely difficult lives, these remarkable people show only faith and no sense of despair.


Viva Palestina Malaysia hopes to ease a little of their burden. For only RM150 you too can help by purchasing a food basket which provides basic provisions for a household of five and will last them a month.  


This is the 3rd year that we are running this campaign.

Food Basket 2014 ePoster final


10440940 10154324640905537 5740655722803910182 nVolunteers in Gaza helping out with our Ramadhan Food Basket Project despite the attacks on Gaza. Many families have lost their homes, and many homes have no food at all. We are trying our best to reach out to as many affected Gazans as possible. Thank you to those who contributed. May Allah reward you abundantly!


A visit to the Palestinian Embassy

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Our treasurer, Paun Sri Norma Hashim presenting the book, The Prisoners Diaries edited by Norma, to the new Palestinian Ambassodar to Malaysia, Dr Anwar Al Agha. Together with them are Yousef Aljamal who helped put together the Arabic version of The Prisoners Diaries and Refaat Alareer, Editor of Gaza Writes Back.


Launch of Gaza Writes Back (Bahasa edition)

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Below is the speech by our treasurer, Puan Sri Normah Hashim at Saba Islamic Media book launch of the Bahasa Malaysia edition of 'Gaza Writes Back'.

IMG-20140503-WA015  IMG-20140503-WA014

I am honored to represent Viva Palestina Malaysia to say a few words at the launch of the Bahasa Malaysia edition of Gaza Writes Back.

Zionist narratives of Palestine have ruled over the media for the last 60 years. Because of this VPM has always felt that citizen journalism is important for Palestinians to reclaim this narrative. This is why we have worked with the Centre for Political and Development Studies in Gaza through supporting the library and funding talks and providing laptops and projectors to enable the youth in Gaza to acquire the writing and speaking skills to counter the pro Zionist propaganda in the media.

The importance of good writing skills is highlighted by the success of Refaat Alareer's book Gaza Writes Back and the very favorable reception in the United States to the 10 city book tour which Refaat and 2 of the young writers Yousef and Rawan did in April.

Gaza Writes Back showcases the writing talent that abounds among the youth in Gaza today. This is writing borne out of tragedy and trauma, turned into a message to the world, a plea to people everywhere to learn the true story of Palestine as told by Palestinians living through the Occupation.

Israel has always felt threatened by Palestinian writers, and many writers and artists have been assassinated and killed violently even though they resisted the occupation through non-violent means. But I hope this does not deter the young writers in Palestine!

Yet their words and images live on today many years after their passing. Ghassan Kanafani was assassinated by a car bomb in 1972 yet today, his novels and short stories like "Men in the Sun" and "A World Not our Own" are still read around the world, and the stories still ring true 40 years later .
Naji Al Ali was shot and killed in 1987 in London, but today which Palestinian does not know his cartoon Handala the boy who will not grow up until he can return to his homeland?

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Indeed, Palestinian words have always been more powerful than Israeli bullets, and they endure long after the assassins are dead, and they will be read long after the Occupation is over.

Lighting Up Gaza 2

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Lighting up Gaza 2 concentrated on school children who had to study in darkness due to the black-out and power cuts by the Israeli government. The photos below show the second phase of the distribution of rechargeable lamps to students.

This project was undertaken with the cooperatioin of the Ministry of Education in Gaza to determine the students who would most require these lamps. It was funded by Viva Palestina Malaysia through the collections from our kind donors. We thank you for your generosity and may the Almighty reward you for it.
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Funds Raised and Disbursed - Updated March 2014

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The funds raised have been disbursed to Palestine as follows:
Month / Year Purpose NGO Partner in Palestine  Amount disbursed (RM) 
Jan 2009 Medical relief Gaza Ministry of Health               150,000
Dec 2009 3 fully equipped ambulances Gaza Ministry of Health               265,000
Jan 2010 Artificial Limb to Palestinian Child Palestinian boy                         -  
Oct 2010 6 vans loaded with educational & medical aid Gaza Ministries               340,000
2010 Summer camp for Palestinian Children Palestinian Children Relief Fund                 12,000
Aug 2011 Projects related to Sewing & Embroidery, Bakery, Beauty & Hairdressing, Student Tutorials, Public Library, Computer Literacy Family & Society Development Association               210,000
Aug2011 Medical drugs & consumables Hospital Karamah                 30,000
Aug2011 Micro financing projects Seeraj al Ommal Society                 60,000
Jun 2012 Miles of Smiles convoy : projectors, laptops, cameras Centre for Political & Development Studies                 14,000
Jun 2012 Wheelchairs & Crutches Ministry of Health                 22,000
Jun 2012 Taaj al Wakar Hafiz Summer Camp Dar al-Quran wa Sunnah               160,000
Jun 2012 9,500 Solar lamps Islamic Society Jabalia               170,000
Aug 2012 Ramadhan food baskets Islamic Society Jabalia               300,000
Mar-Dec 2012     Rehabilitation of schools in Jabalia in collaboration with Malaysian Ministry of Education Islamic Society Jabalia            1,730,000
Jul 2012 Housing project Salam Society                 79,800
Jul 2012 Generator for Health Centre Palestinian Welfare Society                 48,000
Aug 2012 Mini bus Darul Quran                 79,000
Aug 2012 Braille embosser Islamic University of Gaza                 18,000
Aug 2012 Braille Qurans School of Hope and Light for the Blind                 10,000
Aug 2012 Mini bus Islamic Society Jabalia                 79,000
Aug 2012 Books, fixtures and fittings & translators’ salaries Centre for Political & Development Studies                 42,075
Oct 2012 Distribution of Qurban meat Islamic Society Jabalia & Multaqa Rahmah                 90,000
Nov 2012 Gaza emergency fund appeal for victims of Israeli attacks Islamic Society Jabalia               456,000
Jan 2013 Womens microfinancing project Family & Society Development Institute                 61,000
Feb 2013 Retinal laser machine FIMA Save Vision project                 62,400
March 2013 Car for transport of speakers Centre for Political and development Studies                 72,000
March 2013 Generator Palestine Welfare House Medical Centre                 19,000
April 2013 Minibus Salam Society                 92,000
May 2013 Generator Ladies Institute                 34,500
May 2013

Rechargeable lamps for 1,500 poor families

Islamic Society Jabalia                 79,200
May 2013 Surgical sutures Syifaa’ Hospital Gaza Paediatric Surgery                   8,500
May 2013 Film Editing Machine Emad Burnat                 15,000
July 2013 Adopt a Hafiz (with MPF & AS) for 680 students Dar al-Quran wa Sunnah               350,000
July-Aug 2013 Blind Students Camp for 40 students Dar al-Quran wa Sunnah                 30,000
July 2013 1,500 Ramadan food baskets 7 NGOs in Gaza               238,000
Sep 2013 Education Equipment for 270 students School for the Deaf                    7,200
Sep 2013 Develop 2 kindergartens for 500 Students                     4,800
Sep 2013 Back to school project Salam Society                 51,194
Sep 2013 Planting of grapes in Bil’in, West Bank Economic & Social Development Centre of Palestine (ESDC)               148,000
Oct 2013 Agricultural project Islamic Society Gaza               150,000
Oct 2013 Kurban meat project ISJ, Salam Society, Darul Quran                 68,200
Dec 2013 Rechargeable lamps for school children Ministry of Education Gaza, DQWS                 84,500
Dec 2013 Emergency aid for Gaza flood victims Salam and Rowad Societies                 72,000
Jan 2014 Repair of homes for poor  Islamic Society                 60,500
Feb 2014 Scholarships for Palestinian - Syrian refugees IUG, UCAS and Al Quds Universities                 18,500
  TOTAL            6,091,369

Winter Crisis in Gaza

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Update 7 Feb 2014

rehab house flood

Update 23 Jan 2014
We have received another USD 20,000 for the winter crisis.
We will use USD 10,000 to finance 20 homes in Beitlahia that need to be repaired .

Report from our Representative from Gaza:
- About helping Betlahia area: Islamic society HQ in cooperation with Islamic society (IS) branch in Bitlahyia made field visits to families affected by the flood in the area and selected 20 families that needed help, the aim of IS is to conduct rehabilitation for homes such as painting walls, maintenance of electrical tools, doors, floors ..etc. that were damaged from the flood and each house need about USD 500.

- About Emergency Aid with Rowad Society: Alhamdulilllah they finished distributing all the aid to the affected families in the Tunnel area at Gaza City.

- About Emergency Aid with Gaza Society for relief: they will start distributing the needy aid on 25 Jan 2014 for 35 families in south of Gaza City , I will be one of the distribution team to check on the distribution, and to check the situation of the selected families as I did previously with Rowad society.

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WInter Crisis poster3Update 18 Dec 2013: VPM had sent the first USD10,000 to Salam Society for Jabalia . Subsequently we sent USD5,000 each to NGOs in Shaik Radwan and East Gaza. The next USD10,000 will be for Beitlahia, a farming area and Rafah inshaa Allah. That way we target to help all of Gaza.

Gaza Premier, Isma'el Haneya visited Salam Society during their preparations for the aid funded by VPM. Haneya spoke to Sheik Yacoub Soliman and his Board members in Salam Society for Relief & Development.

Kia Ora Gaza Trust, an NGO based in New Zealand has also launched a similar emergency appeal. And in their appeal they mentioned, " we will join the international appeal headed by our aid partners, VPM, who work with the Salam Society in Gaza providing immediate, practical assistance to the thousands of desperate families who have been made homeless by the widespread deluge. http://kiaoragaza.net/

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The people living in Gaza Strip are currently suffering because of a wave of bitter cold, rain and flood in Gaza Strip.The Areas that completely affected are:
1. Jabalyia Al Nazlah (more than 150 Families affected).
2. East Gaza City - East Al Zitoon Neighborhood. (112 Families affected).
3. Khanuness and Rafah (more than 200 families affected).

These families desperately need a helping hand. There is no fuel, no gas, no water and no electricity. Children are hungry and cold. Their homes destroyed and their cows and goats have died because of the floods.

27gaza slide7 Gaza-inundated-by-flood-waters 2 1 27gaza slide8

gaza sweage flood1 1 IMG-20131213-WA007